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100% SS+ but no ketosis - does it matter?

S: 16st0lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(12.05%)
Hi all, just wanted a bit of advice. I've been on SS+ for 3 weeks now and have 3 to 4 packs (one of which is usually a tetra, or 2 depending on hrs at work) and 200ml of skimmed milk. Drinking about 3-4 litres of water a day.

Losses are good, 15lb so far, but very very tired most of the time, as though I'm dragging limbs through water. Used a ketosis stick a couple of times and they're not turning pink. I have been very cold at times, but this seems to come and go and I defo have dog breath! Just not sure if I am in ketosis, or whether it matters. The lack of energy is my only concern really. I do feel hungry quite a bit of the day too.

Think I should cut out the milk? :(

Would love any thoughts, am I missing something? Doing something wrong? Would far prefer to just drink shakes but need ice to make them drinkable so a no go at work.:)
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You're doing great :). You are following the plan, sticking to it 100% and you have lost a lot of weight :D. I have not once used a ketostick and not missed it turning pink or whatever it is meant to do ;). Stick to CD and you'll be okay. Feeling tired and cold and doggie breath all sound very familiar, just side effects, they will go, I promise!


Soon2bslimmer x :)


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Just because the stick isn't turning pink doesn't mean you're not in ketosis. It might just be that you have drunk a lot of water. The best time to use the stick is first thing in the morning mid-flow.

I would say that if you have dog breath then you are most definitely in ketosis regardless of the colour of your stick ;).

I've tested twice and I'm only faintly pink but I know I'm in ketosis as my hunger is fading and my breath could kill a small animal.


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I saw a post on here once, about someone who never went pink on the ketostix but lost around 6 stone. I don't think it is as good idea to get hung up on the whole Ketostix thing. What you are saying about the being cold and bad breath are signs of ketosis, so you are probrably in it. Stick to the diet and you can't go wrong. Keep up the good work.


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I saw a post on here once, about someone who never went pink on the ketostix but lost around 6 stone.
Just posted on another thread about this. I lost 8 stone without ever getting a 'positive' on the sticks.

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