MUST get a grip
Afternoon All
I would like to re-join I did CD exactly a yr ago, however due to emotional issues have slacked recently and suffered a bad bout of depression - I'm coming through the grey mist and meed to shed at LEAST 2-3 stone, I will no more tomorr when I creep one legged holding my breath onto my new scales .... I know I've piled on the pounds as I feel INCREDIBLY uncomfortable, nothin fits ra ra ra! Anyway - I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks and regaining control of my life and eating - FINGERS x'd this is the last time, I've lots to look forward to and find it difficult at the size I am...
Good luck to anyone just starting and well done to all those on your amazing journeys so far!
I cant get online at aork so will be mostly here at weekends and evenings!
My name is Clare, I'm 38, single with 2 kids! xx xx
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Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Claire, you sound like you are in the right frame of mind to restart, good luck with your WI tomorrow!!
Look out for the mini challenge 5th-5th feb starting tomorrow, join in if you fancy?

Hope you have a fab week!



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Missed you little lady and good to have you back. Sorry to hear you've being going through a tough time but knowing how bloomin marvy you did last time you will be sorted quick as a blink !



Strong women stay slim
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Hi claire , welcome , and yes the new year has brought many re-starters , me for one !
I'm sure you will do great !


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Hi Honey:)

Good to see ya, sorry you've had a rough time....You will do great....and if those scales give you a hard time we will start up the SCALE REVOLUTION!!!! again:eek:

Lub 'n' Hugs!!!


MUST get a grip
Evening all!
FINALLY got re-started today and managed 100% and 4litres of water, I've got no obstacles in the way socially or work related and am confident at work now to use a blender so I am slpitting 1 pack into 2 x cappachino's during day then havin 2 packs in the evening, I am lookin at approx 12 wks SS - that's it? 12 weeks, I know how quickly this time goes and am only sorry I cannot get online at work even just to say hi! Wretched systems wont let you do a thing! I delayed things by 1 week as the remaining packs that I had were out of date! I have 3st to lose and KNOW I'll shift it - heads in the right place, medication all kicked in and this is the bit that suits me best! However this time I really MUST learn that being happy doesnt mean surrounding myself with a couple of stone's of blubber in order to keep out the demons! Thought I would've learned the 1st time - anyway hope every1's had a good CD Day like me! xx xx xx


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Hi Clare, well done hunny! You sound like you are deffo "in the zone" keep up the good work x x x


MUST get a grip
Day 3 done & on to 4 - ketosis kicked in & was freezing all day at work! Must drink more water and gonna have hot water with flavours to boost the intake, having to travel 50 miles through rush hour traffic on the M25 means I cant start water intake til I'm half way to work to avoid peeing meself - lol!
Hope you're all doing well! xx
Thanks Cheryl - for your words xx