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1000 calorie diets

Well I should eat about 1600 cals a day and last week decided to try eating just 1200. Wish I hadn't bothered, I was starving all week and STS!!! I won't be doing a low cal week again, thats for sure. :)
Hell no that is not healthy, aim for 1200 if you want low or else you but your body in starvation mode. Personally, I stick to a calorie count of 1530 each day which suits me as I don't feel hungray or self-sabbatage because of low cals :)
I think you just have to use common sense. I sometimes only manage 950-1050 then sit there thinking hhhhmmmmm I really should eat another 150 or so but I'm not actually hungry. Then I find I'm picking at rubbish just for the sake of it. Which is not healthy at all. Of course other days I'm over my cal limit so it mostly balances out!!
I've pretty much never eaten my exercise cals for much the same reason. I don't see the point in eating extra food I'm not particularly hungry for. Coz that's how I got to be a chunky monkey in the first place!! Loool. If I'm hungry after a workout then I'll eat but if my usual three meals have left me feeling ok then I just stick to those.
Just use your own judgement. As long as you eat a good variety of healthy whole foods and don't feel ill and are still losing weight steadily then the actual daily cal count isn't really the most important thing! It's more of a guideline.

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