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1000 cals - what to expect

Would be interested in hearing from people on 1000 plan, as I've just moved up to it and have a couple of questions.

1) I am planning on sticking the foods listed in the yellow book to the letter, but can I move them around during the day.
E.g. Can I have a banana at midday instead of after dinner in the evening?

2) Have other people noticed massive stomach rumblings? Not been physically hungry in so long and now that I'm not in ketosis I am feeling physical hunger yet not bothered emotionally (body is saying eat and I'm saying I can't be bothered as so used to not eating)

3) What happened with you in terms of first week losses? Did anyone STS?

4) Did you find the portion sizes massive? I think because I have been used to SS+/810 amounts it seems like a lot and that is why I'd like to split the meals. Last night I had chicken with 200g new potatoes and green beans. Couldn't eat past one mouthful of potatoes and had to leave them. Will splitting meals help?

Thanks :)
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Slimming down the aisle
I'm on my 4th week of it now, so here's my thoughts...

1) Yeah as far as I know, it's fine! It's like the shakes, can have them any way you want. I usually move mine around a bit.

2) YES!! I get them quite a lot, especially in the mornings. Won't be hungry but rumble anyway! I haven't really found that I've got hungry much really to be honest, but sometimes. Today was a bit of a hungry day. Last few days I haven't been at all.

3) I lost 6lbs my first week, more than I'd expected!

4) At first I did think they were pretty big, but I've got used to it now. Could split them though I suppose. But I'm kind of trying to get into the 3 meals a day, and then I have my piece of fruit whenever I feel like it. But then for me I've never been very good with getting into a routine. I don't have breakfast. Lunch quite late. So getting routine and order is important for me, and something I'm learning.

How have you found the last few days?
Thanks Curly, good luck to you too.

That's great Caroline, thanks for that. I daily weigh and noticed a 0.5lbs gain this morning and am a little worried that the extra carbs will make me have a slight gain.

6lb loss in your first week is amazing. I hope that I have as good a loss. I have increased my exercise, as it was always my goal to get fit and having the extra calories helps me to do that.

I am finding the mindset a little difficult tbh. I am missing having the extra shake, have forgotten I can have milk, but loved my evening meal tonight as had rice instead of potatoes, which I much prefer.

Are you glad that you moved up Caroline?


can see the end in sight!
I am really interested in all these 1000 threads. I feel comfortable with ss+ and 810, as they are pretty straight forward but I think 1000 will be more challenging. Can't wait though, new potatoes and cous cous yay.
Well it's making me have to consider trying fruit, which is a good thing. I just ate a strawberry for the first time in my life and it was okay actually.
BF thinks I'm very weird having never had one.
I had strawberries and raspberries tonight. I have just finished 2 weeks of 1000. The first week I had half my protein allowance with my salad at lunchtime and the other half for dinner in the evening, I tended to have half the stated amount of cottage cheese with salad at lunch and half the stated amount of quorn with the carbs in the evening and then the fruit after that.


can see the end in sight!
never had strawberries!?!?


Slimming down the aisle
Never?! I LOVE strawberries!!!
Haha, that's the same reaction I got from BF. It's quite freaky eating something you've never had. Wasn't overly keen on the texture. I'm quite funny about food. I could never eat an apple because of the texture and a lot of fruit is a bit hairy/furry.

I think maybe I need to be more adventurous. Maybe I'll try different fruit every day. I've also never eaten brocolli or cauliflower. I think they look revolting, like trees, not something edible! I had sweet potatoes for the first time a little while ago and they were okay.
When I was a kid I wouldn't eat any veg. Peas I used to swallow whole with a glass of vimto because they were so horrible.

No wonder I ending up with weight problems is it!!!


Slimming down the aisle
I got 6lbs, then 4lbs, didn't have a WI this week but I think it was 2lbs, but there was a fair bit of picking and not having water or shakes, plus a meal totally off plan.


Slimming down the aisle
I've never been a breakfast person, so a CD meal and a breakfast doesn't work for me generally! So wht I sometimes do, and have done today, is have a CD meal for breakfast, usually a bar. And then the egg slice of bread I have with lunch. Though I don't have a CD meal now either, but will maybe swap that with the fruit from after dinner. And then for lunch I've boiled the egg, let it cool a bit, toasted the bread, sliced the egg up, diced the toast, and then added it to my green salad. Hey presto, a slightly yummier salad!

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