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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by essexmum, 18 March 2007.

  1. essexmum

    essexmum Well-Known Member

    I've come back to CD after an unsuccessful 5 weeks on SW (didn';t gain, but didn't loose either).
    Anyway I've decided to start with the 1000 plan but I'm having trouble with the meal options (I only like the pasta meal in the booklet). Can anyone give some ideas of what else I can cook.

  2. Ti@ra-M@ker

    Ti@ra-M@ker member

    Sorry I can't help. I'm on 790 so I'm not sure whats allowed on 1000. Did you lose your 33lb with CD previously??
  3. essexmum

    essexmum Well-Known Member

    Yes it was all lost with CD, which is why I'm back on it
  4. Ti@ra-M@ker

    Ti@ra-M@ker member

    Good luck with the rest of your weight loss. Interesting that SW didn't work. I was thinking about doing that for once I'm close to target. Maybe not such a good idea then.

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