1000 plan - eating out Q? (food refs!)


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi everyone,
I'm doing the 1000 plan now and really could do with some advice on what to do this evening... I have an evening out with my good mate, it's kind of our early Christmas do! and the plan is we're not going partying on the town but having a few drinks in her local and then going for a curry...i'm in a turmoil as to what to do, I really want to go and see her but she'll expect me to eat and drink and i know she'll be miffed if I don't and she'll be doubly miffed when she sees me as I haven't seen her in 3 months since before starting CD and she also has a weight issue.
So... i'm planning on having 1 or 2 vodka's to drink with diet coke, and in the pub but what would be the best choice of food to eat in the curry house?

Would appreciate any ideas?

thanks all

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Hiya hun I think tandoori chicken and salad would probably be your best option. I'm sure somebody will correct me if i'm wrong. Enjoy your night out X x x


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That's really sad if your friend might be miffed. Sometimes people might want to sabotage your good work so its good your planning in advance.

What about chicken tandoori with salad?

I don't know how long it is since you had alcohol and whether you have enough food in you but just bear in mind your alcohol tolerance level may have plummeted. You're also smaller now which will make a difference!


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Hi hun, try a curry in a tomato based sauce instead of a creamy one with salad, have a good noght hun.xx

Have you told her you have lost weight or is it a suprise??


Trying to stay healthy!
Thanks for the replies everyone!!
Tandoori n salad or tomatoey curry sound like good ideas, anyone know how many cals in a papadom?

I don't know if she'll be miffed really but I suspect she maybe as I told her at the start I was going try CD so it won't be surprise and asked if she fancied it but she thought it was too expensive and decided to go to the gym and try losing that way. not sure it's worked though as she would normally tell me if she's lost weight, i stopped texting her my losses after 2nd week as i didn't want to sound like I was gloating. Hopefully when she sees me she'll be happy for me and understand that i don't want to ruin my plan...but not too hopeful of that. I'll let you know how I get on!!