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1000 plan


can see the end in sight!
I have just over half a stone until I move up the plans (one week ss+, 2 weeks on 810 and all the other plans) and I can't wait for 1000. Good luck hannah! You look great.

Anyone know the average losses for each step? I want to lose a stone by working up the plans. Is that doable doing 2 weeks on each step?


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I'm on the 1000 plan, 2 weeks. I lost 6lbs last week and I think I've lost about 2/3lbs this week, but that's with totm and a meal or two which weren't really very good, not reeeeally bad, but not totally within the 1000 plan!

My CDC said that if you stick to the 1000 you should lose 3-4lbs a week. So that's about a stone a month.


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I pretty much eat a punnet a day sometimes!! 100g of strawberries of strawberries is 27 calories, you can have 150 calories of fruit for breakfast, and 50 after dinner. So that's almost 400g which is the size of the punnets we buy. I love love love them!! I can't have strawberry tetras anymore now though, so means no tetras for me! :(

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OH MY GOD CAROLINE *************************

I'm such a fool!!!!!!!! I read the booklet wrong and have only being having 110g strawbs or 60g of a bananna and then an apple after dinner. No wonder I've been missing my 3rd cd meal. All week I've done this.......yay...thanks so much for your post...... woohoo. I totally missed that we can have 150 cals of fruit xxx


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Well, for breakfast you have aCD meal and a 150kcal meal which could be the things listed, or it could be 150 calories of fruit, which is what I'll do sometimes!


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Hmmmmmm, now I keep thinking of strawberries and banannas......
what else can you have on 1000.........
Does anyone no if you can have yoghurt? I am thinking muller light youghurt and strawberries.. x
Sorry no yogurt! You can have a load of strawberries though, 150 cals is 300g which is about 3/4 of a Sainsburys punnet :D

Personally I save my fruit allowance to have between meals, dunno if you should do this but it doesn't seem to be doing me any harm.

Are you doing step 3a or 3b?

And... Keep your water intake up! I had a couple of bad water days on saturday and sunday, and on sunday I'd only lost 1lb since Thursday...


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I skip between 3a and 3b... is that bad?! I often have the fruit spread out too.

Umm breakfast is any fruit basically or..
2 shredded wheat
1 boiled egg with a slice of granary bread

Lunch... green salad leaves

Dinner... depends on your step
3a you choose a carb... baked poato, new potatoes, sweet potato, pasta, rice, a protein... same as 810, and 3 tablespoons of a green veg or green salad
3b you can choose from umm... penne pasta, salmon with cous cous and a mint and yoghurt dressing, steak and stout casserole, pork with orange and mushroom sauce and cous cous, brochette of turkey with rice and corn on the cob, can't remember what else!

50 calories of fruit after dinner.

You then get 2 CD meals and 1/2 pint of skimmed milk.

Though, to be honest, I rarely end up eating everything!


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I've been sooooo thirsty yesterday and today!!


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I wouldn't be nervous about it Curly, you'll be fine with it! It's nice preparing food and stuff again, and I didn't SS for nearly as long as you! It seems like a lot of food, so I doubt you'll really do cheating! And it's only short term for you as you'll be moving up the plans. I've still lost fairly well, I'm sure you will too!
Curly, you can forgo your milk allowance and have a 150g pot of total 0% fat yoghurt instead which I have with my strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

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