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100cal snacks - im a little confused ...


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Iv had a goose at the snack thread which is great but im a little confuzzled ....

Say an apple is around 50cals .... can we have 2 to make it around 100cals?

Or is a snack classed as just 1 thing 100cals or less?

Only cuz i love an apple with a ww yog poured over the top which would total 100cals. Is this classed as 2 snacks?

Thanks in advance guys :)
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your 100cal snack can be as many items as you want e.g. 2 apples, 3 rich tea biscuits etc as long as total calories make up 100cals

Ultimately you have 900 cals a day; 600 for your main meal and 300 spread over 3 snacks. The aim is to get you into a healthy pattern where you are eating something every 3 hours or so as this helps regulate insulin production and metabolism etc then as you reach your target weight you replace the shakes with suitable meals and keep the snacking and dinner pattern.

Hope that helps?



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Brilliant, thanks chick :)
Welcome :)

When it was really cold I was having a "hot choc" shake and 100cal homemade carrot and coriander soup for lunch :)

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