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11 syns in a salad!!


Not evil at all
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Morning guys

Last night I was at Asda and I bought one of their layered prawn pasta salad boxes to have for dinner.. I was thinking it would be 5 syns ish for the mayo + everything else would be free. Nope.. they're 11 syns! It was just a bit of salad, some cold prawns and some mayo!!! What the hell? Be aware!!!! Pasta salads are not all that innocent!!
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Goodness me!!! Mind you, isn't mayo something like 6 syns a tbsp?
We think we make the best choices but things like this catch us out.

Good job you checked though hun!


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I love them salads, I have avoided them since being on SW used to have them everyday for lunch before and think I was being good.
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its annoying isn't it. imagine these poor people who r trying to lose weight and so they have what they think is a healthy salad or healthy sandwich cause they r terriable and without knowing they r eating all these extra calories.


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Nothing like homemade and virtually syn free, but it is annoying to see some items labelled as healthy and then you look up the syns and they are so high!
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Shop-bought stuff is a minefield!

It's a good job you checked yours and at least you know for future reference!

I think the safest options are those that have a sachet of dressing you add yourself - lots of the Asda ones do this. There's a salad with boiled egg and ham, or a potato one. They aren't that substantial, but at least the salad cream is seperate and you can leave it off or syn it (I think it's 2 or 3 for the sachet).

If I'm in a supermarket for lunch stuff, I tend to buy a bag, and then some quorn or chicken pieces or whatever and make my own up!


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I realised how high syn things are on saturday - i was looking up things to buy whilst i was there as didnt really want to take a lunch box and it just wasnt worth it!! Its rediculous!!!



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I know the mayo will bump up the syns, but SWs lazyness is a little to blame here too.

The EE syn system of 'Take the lowest of the green or red values' doesn't work on products where green and red food is mixed. You have taken the green synnage here (as instructed by SW to take the lowest) but the syns on green will include synning the prawns, which we don't actually have to on EE.

Sorry if this is confusing- it is a real bugbear of mine. SW need to work out the real syns on EE and not just rely on this 'take the lowest one' theory that doesn't work where green and red food are mixed.

E.g. if I have sushi that I know only contains rice and fish SW states it has syns because I take the lowest value- on green they are synning the fish and on red they are synning the rice- even though there are no syns on EE

Does this make any sense to anyone else????


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This makes perfect sense!!

I've never though about it before!! I agree, its fine on the things that dont have mixed free foods. Trouble is we can just deduct syns as we dont know all thats in it or the grams!

Thats really naughty!!


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I'm glad you raised this cocktail princess cause I have had the same thoughts about extra easy syns too. Ok, I was looking at having chicken chow mein from the Chinese but how could it be synned at 7, if on a green day you syn the chicken and on a red day it syns the noodles and on extra easy both are free? I know there will be some syns for oil but it doesn't always work. I think it is something that Slimming World need to investigate further.


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Interesting conversation about the EE syns at the end here...I just have a thought, that if EE works using the lowest syn value (which is has for lots and lots of people), then surely the system for it doesnt need to be changed? x

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