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12.5 stone to lose :(

Welcome Isis. Best of luck with your new diet. Let us know how you're getting on. Try not to focus on the 12.5, it can feel overwhelming can't it. Take it a step at a time, make mini goals and treats (not the food kind!)for reaching them. I have a charm bracelet I add to for each half stone, when it jangles at me as I'm about to eat something it reminds me what I've managed so far and has saved me a few times from the tempation.

Keep in touch with us, we're all rooting for you.:)


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Welcome and good luck with Tesco diets.

I agree with Lovely Laura, set small achievable goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Back two months ago the thought of losing 9 stone was horrible and didnt seem possible. But two months on with lots of positive thinking almost 2 stone is gone and I now know I will reach my end goal and you will too.


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Hi Ladies

Thank you very much!

You have both helped a lot :)

I love the charm bracelet idea! Thats fab :)

Well done both of you on your brilliant weight loss. I have a big smile now!


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I have the same long journey ahead, hun, I am also 350lbs but only 5ft 3..... lol


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Hi Desperate

I think we so much to lose the only way is small goal. I am going to look at the first 7lbs. Then stone and so on. I think if I look at the whole amount I shall want to cry again!lol

We will have to help each other along :) x


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Hiya I also have at least 12 stone to lose......I am focusing on 1 stone at a time as the full weight is too much to think about.

Good luck x


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Hi good luck you can do this! I have another 10 stones to lose with 3.5 stones gone since Jan having little goals along the way helps to. All the best with your journey x


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As others have said - don't focus on the 12.5stone - focus on the near term - wanting to lose that first half stone, that first stone - if there's something in the calendar that you're looking forward to - then give yourself a realistic target to hit by that time - if you're loosing (for instance) an average 2lb a week, and there's something in 10weeks time - then aiming for 3 stone is going to set yourself up for failure - but aiming for say 24lb is a challenge, but one or two good weeks and it's done.

That's how I've gone about it - some of those events/targets have been months away from when they were set - but that's given me the incentive to keep at it. I wanted to be under 20st by my brother's wedding last Summer - i was there, and had in fact lost 8stone by the event (i only needed 7.5st). I wanted to hit my 10st loss by Halloween (not for any reason but to give myself something to look at) - i did it. and i wanted to be under 15st by my birthday at the end of March - and was there. I had also put in the paperwork for Slimming Worlds Greatest Loser in early March 2010 - having been named into the top 10 - i set myself the target to have lost an additional stone by the award ceremony at end of April - it was a outside chance by that time, and with two maintains part of the way through that month or so - it didn't seem possible. But i wasn't bothered - i gave it my best shot and hadn't missed the target by messing aronud - just the way things go. I wasn't upset at all. I almost cried though at the weigh-in two days before the ceremony (and i came 9th) - one good week and iwas there - dead on that stone loss.

So it's all achieveable - but small steps are always best. Believe me - it can be done. I've lost 13st8.5lb so far - i have about 7lb to go to target.

Good luck...


size 14 here I come
Wow Ian, you have done so well, I really hope I can say I have lost all that amount of weight next year sometime!!! congratulations


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Thank you everyone for your inspiration. You are doing fab!

Ian, what an inspiration you are!!! Well done to you.

Gonnagetslim....just like your name, you will!!

Sonkie...we will do it!!! I just know it :)

Bought some new scales off ebay. Because I have been weighing one one that go past there biggest weight and partially back round, I decided I needed some accurate ones. They are weighing me at 120lbs less!

Needless to say, they are going back lol


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Sorry if I said this before, but the great Jimmy Moore, when asked how he lost 180 pounds, said:

"I didn't lose 180 pounds. I lost 18 pounds, then repeated that ten times."

(I am now making that my siggy)

This is the ONLY way we are going to cope with the daunting journey ahead of us.

At 25 stone, my long term goal is to lose 5 stone and a pound, so I am 19 stone something.

My short term goal is to stick to my diet, day in, day out, for the rest of this year.

Because one thing we must all remember is, the body will give up weight as and when it wants to. We cannot tell it to lose 3lb by next Monday, it doesn't work like that. It might stall for a few days then whoosh, you could drop 4lb overnight. So let it go at it's own pace. All we can control is the INPUT of food.

Isis, gosh you are nearly a foot taller than me yet the same weight.


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I like what Jimmy Moore said. It makes a lot of sense!

I agree it is what we need to do. One step at a time. I also agree that the body does what it likes. So we just have to work with it :)

Lol...I am very tall. It makes people always say I can carry it. But I would need to be 10ft tall to carry this weight well lol

We will get there chick!:) x


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Weighed yesterday and was 6lb down! I am really happy because this plan is easy as it isn't a plan!lol

Hope everyone else is doing well :) xxx
Weighed yesterday and was 6lb down! I am really happy because this plan is easy as it isn't a plan!lol

Hope everyone else is doing well :) xxx
just keep trying isis
be patient too...remember they didn't build rome in a day...but the dream did become a reality eventually...you can too...and if you believe it then you can do it...you have so much support and encouragement here if you ever need it...i'm a newbie and trying to slim down as well.
ive gone from 18 st to 15 and it took many years.
anyway all the best isis


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Thank you very much. I am not rushing this one. Just eating 3 meals a day and feeling great :)

Well done on your loss!:)

Thank you very much. I am not rushing this one. Just eating 3 meals a day and feeling great :)

Well done on your loss!:)
hi isis
can you delete my post called i'm a father please?
the woman who responded has hurt my feelings and rather than respond and get into a argument i think its better to delete it.
she is entitled to her opinion but the fact is her opinion is wrong although she is right there are two sides to every story but i get the impression she is to eager to write me off perhaps as a typical male which is easy to do when alot of men have bad reputations but its not the case with me and so i feel upset.
anyway i hope my request will be granted.
oh also can you delete my other post about being conned and the falling in love one please?
again i feel i will get unfair criticism if anyone decides to respond.
ok thanks
i have decided that i would like my posts to remain...i no longer feel afraid to get flak from other posters...the support i have recieved from sonya and nee has helped me so much.
i started off feeling wounded and discouraged but i feel much better now.
i dont bear any grudge against nikki
she is entitled to her opinions.
i just hope she wont come back at me later...
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Hi. I am a little confused? Have I missed something mate?xxx


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Good luck Isis.

Im one of those people who has to set themselves really strict goals other wise Im like "ohhh thats aaaaaaages away... 1 packet of crisps wont hurt" hehe so different things work for different people.

But I set my goals 1 stone at a time and if I hit one goal before target date I'll keep the second target date the same as I know it will slow down as more weight goes.

Whats the tesco diet?


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I joined tesco diets online and have been doing the totals plan. I have enjoyed it, but have allowed in treats too much. So, I have ordered exante now. I want all my choice taken away lol

Well done on your loss :) You have done really well in your first week :) xxx

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