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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ok I went off the rails... I won't bore you with details. But it resulted in 2days totally off plan, and now I feel sick, rubbish, sad, annoyed with myself etc etc. So here's my plan...

Tomorrow morning I am going to weigh-in, a day early, it will be bad, but I'll take it as it comes! (I weigh at home so can WI a day early!). Next weigh-in will be in 9days time (a week on Tuesday, normal WI).

Tomorrow I'm going to have (on green) 5syns, 1HEXA, 2HEXB's, and probably the same for a few days, and down at least 2l water a day, and as much superfree as I can stuff in at meals. I'll also go for long walks this week to give me a boost.

I feel [email protected] today but with my confession and plan i'll be ok! *hugs* for anyone else in the same boat.xx
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Hi there,

Don't feel bad for having a couple of days off plan. It's normal, isn't it? Everyone goes through a rough patch - yours has been pretty short, which is good! :D

If I were you, I would WI on your normal day...as it might not be as bad as you think and then you're not cheating yourself, are you?

Good luck for the next few weeks xxx


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Well done for getting into the mindset to start again.
We all fall off the wagon sometimes but not everybody gets back on track. We are all human, after all!
Just draw a line and carry on. You will be just fine. Don't feel [email protected], just pat yourself on the back for recognising that you have slipped and want to start afresh!
((hugs)) and good luck!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I went off track for a month and don't want that to happen ever again so it's been nipped in the bud! I'd rather WI a day early so it's a fresh start, I don't want to WI, find I've put on 2lb after a day of being good... that would just be a motivation killer iykwim? I'd rather WI a day early finding I've gained, knowing full well it was my own fault, and start again a day early...I'm just rambling now...

Thanks for replying xx


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S: 11st3lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 23.7 Loss: 1st5lb(12.1%)
Good luck - you can do it! :)



i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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i have had a flexisyn week end due to birthday so am going back on plan from 2morrow . i have wi on a tue night but there is no wi on tue so am hoping if i can stick to plan for 10 until next wi i am hoping for a semi good result . well done jules x