12wks -63lb can i do it???


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I have just set myself a goal!!!

I will only be going Vegas if I can stick to the diet and shed the weight. I have a rough idea of when we will be going, after 22nd April (I think!)

So that is giving me 12weeks exactly to lose this weight. I have put on so much weight this week as I haven't been on plan at all!!! So I am guessing as I haven't weighed myself yet (will do tomorrow morning) I'm saying about 63lbs to reach my goal of 12.7st.

Can I really reach this goal? 4.5st in 3months? Have worked it out to be an average weekly loss of 5.25lb am hoping for biggish weight loss the 1st 3wks as I know they slow down as the weeks go by.

Fingers crossed !!! I want to go Vegas babyyyy!!
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S: 14st11lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st9lb(24.64%)
Eeeek! I'm getting married in Vegas in September! That's my goal!!! If and when you go before me you'll have to tell me all about it because I've never been

That is quite a lot of weigh in a short period of time. The average on Cambridge is around a stone a month, but people do do more so anything is possible!


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April I hope. I am thinking it is a HUGE amount of weight to lose in 12weeks. I have struggled so much in the past and I was on plan 100% for 2wks I was so proud of myself then it all fell apart last wk.

100% starts tomorrow.