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ive just eaten 6/8ths of a takeaway pizza, 3 potato skins (stuffed with cheese) and half a bottle of red wine.

and i didnt even really enjoy it! the thing im noticing lately is i like the IDEA of a takeaway or chocolate or whatever, but then dont really enjoy the taste... and it makes me feel like a fat, guilty, bloated mess afterwards and im so annoyed with myself!!!!

rant over and confession made - sorry! tomorrow is a new day x x
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Been there, done that, know exactly what you mean.

I am like that with chinese. I really want one and i mean REALLY want one then i have it and it does not taste anything like i wish it did and i feel rubbish afterwards.

Do you remember the saying:
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"?

I think that applies to food too and is why we crave things.

Oh the tricks our minds play on us all. :rolleyes:


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oh i feel kinda the same, ive just ploughed through 10 roses, 3 bags of french fries and a big bowl of peanuts

lets just start again tomorrow im doing my exercise dvd tomorrow


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I've just eaten 3 fondant fancies (and I don't particularly like them!! - just wanted something cake-like!) and loads of twiglets and a non-diet fizzy drink. But you know what? Tomorrow is another day :D


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yep been here myself SO many times!Don't worry, just get back on the horse tomorrow;-)


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yup, tomorrow is a new day!!!! don't let it pull you down even just a little.....you have done it..forget about it...and continue at your best tomorrow!!!! :)


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I know how you feel.. I REALLY want Nando's for tea :(