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133lbs to lose

Hi everyone

Well i thought i would try and keep a record of my weight loss in the hope that it spurs me on to complete my journey this time round.

I've got atleast 133lbs to lose and anything more will be a added bonus although i have no idea how im going to look when i get there, I think the last time i was my target weight was when i was about 12 so 19 years later i cant even imagine what im going to look like but i know that i can only look better then i do now!

I started the exante diet today, about 3yrs ago i did the cambridge diet but just wasnt in the right head space then so never really tried longer then the first 2 weeks without cheating.

This time round I know i have to do it and that it is going to be a heck of a journey and a long one I have finally realised that its going to take time after all it took 19yrs to get to this weight its not all going to drop off after a few weeks ( oooo I could dream though lol)

Im looking forward to my first weigh in already and just hope that my OH is supportive enough this time round.

Will keep everyone posted on how Im getting on and any support is greatly accepted :)

We can do this We can do this xx:)
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Good luck muppet on your weight loss journey :0)
Best of luck...

This forum is fab... everyone is so supportive and we'll all give you the advice and encouragement you need to reach your goal...

Oh... and by the way, you'll look and feel beautiful when you hit your target ;)
Thanks, It's day 2 and i got invited out for lunch typical lol but having decided yesterday that i would be on shakes aswell as a evening meal (ish) some days thought okie dokie i can do this.

So for lunch I had scrabbled egg beans and a slice of bacon didnt touch me toast so not to bad could have been much worst! will be having me shake later on and then a hot chocolate one tonight to keep the munchies away. Have come home now and my next step is the wii fit to make myself feel better after lunch. Did a hour on it last night while hubby was on the pc so im going to do the same this afternoon and then perhaps again tonight this should make up for the bacon lol

Hope everyones having a good day
ooo almost forgot can anyone tell me how to post mini goals after my ticker please xx
Well have just done my second blast on the wii fit tonight bringing my total for today to 1 1/2 hrs felt bad about lunch lol but feel better now. Had a sneaky weigh in on it as well and can not believe it but it says I've lost 7lbs omg hope it says that way for the weigh in next week, it has certainly given me a boost for the weekend :)
Day 4

Well woke up today totally shattered lol, Diet going well :)
kids brought hubby chocolate for fathers day and havent been tempted once even when he asked if i wanted some (about 3 times so far) legs are sore think its from all the stepping on the wii fit so not doing any till later on this evening,
Hope everyone is having a good weekend
Evening everyone :)

I have just managed to do a whole hour on my wii fit in 1 go tonight :D am rather pleased with meself as today has been a sort of weird day. I could have easily thought sod it and stuffed me face with any thing and everything but although not totally to diet plan I have chosen wisely.
Breakfast was a shake, had a apple and half a pepper as a snack what i really wanted was chocolate or some yummy bread which im also avoiding for the next couple of weeks, Lunch was a couple of crackerbreads plain followed by another apple then had to pop to the shop and was abit frustrated with hubby but instead of reaching for the chocs grabbed a nutra grain bar and proceeded in stuffing it down b4 i got home :( then for dinner cooked the family garlic chicken breasts (no skin) roasted veg and mashed spuds the chicken smelt lovely so ended up having 1 small chicken breast with salad, now im munching on a apple again lol so orthough not to plan I dont think over all its to bad when it could have been so much worst.

Noticed today that when i get frustrated at something I instantly reach for food :confused: in the past i could have quite easily eaten everything going for example it has been known (only to me) to be so fed up/frustrated/bored to walk into the kitchen eat the kids club bars sometimes the whole packet depending on what day and then the crisps for pack lunches and anything else i could get my hands on think im going to have to find another way to deal with what life throws at me other then food, having said that am very pleased with myself for making the right choices today.
I can overcome the urges and i will succeed this time :)
Well enough of me going on am off to get a drink and watch abit of tv b4 bed.
Am looking forward to my first monday weigh in on here tomorrow.
Morning everyone

Just a quick note beforei get started for the day, was recommended to have mondays have weigh in day so as not to be tempted by the weekend :)

Am pleased to announce a 8lbs loss since thursday woo hoo :)
sitting smiling for the first proper time in ages thanks to everyone for there support
hello :)

so pleased to see you have started a diary. I for one, will definately pop in daily to see how you are.

Wow, congrats on a fab weight loss, what a great start and such motivation...keep it up girl!

In your edit signature link, (click on user cp top left hand corner) just type your mini goals in there and anything else you want in your signature!) any probs let me know!

Yay...another monday weigher in :D I weigh in on monday for same reason, keeps me on track for the rest of the week, then i am good at weekends as weigh in is around the corner!!!! :eek:

Have a successful day, keep posting, I look forward to chatting with you more :)
Hi Rose Thanks for the encouragement :)

To be honest Im not sure where my motivation has come from lol for some reason it just feels like the right time for me fingers crossed it stays that way and i can get to my goal weight reading the posts on here really help, I normally crack on the 3rd week but am determined not to this time round.
Went food shopping today and seemed to be on auto pilot nothing bad entered my trolley at all, it got filled up with lots of nice fruit and veg and good old crackerbreads lol even chucked in a weight loss mag for good measure. have to say I even think it was the first time in ages that dare i say it I enjoyed doing the food shop eeek!

Once again thanks everyone your all making a difference and we will all get to be where we want to be
mmmm i like crackerbreads too, aren't they tasty? I have them often.

You sound like me, when I first went shoping for healthy food...i was standing smugly putting all my fruit and veg on the conveyor belt AND a slimming mag..and felt like saying to the young lad serving me...'these are for me, and not a pastry or biscuit in sight!!!' :D

I love looking at the before and after pics in the magazines, I even have a pic of a 30 stone woman posing semi naked, I stuck it to the front of my diary...to keep me focused..as that's where I was heading :eek:...before my 'lightbulb moment' on valentines weekend :rolleyes:

Glad to see you are feeling so good and determined, i can totally relate to feeling that THIS is the time I will do it!..it just feels different this time....so come on, link arms..we are so going to succeed! :)

Have a good evening :)
Morning all

So didnt want to get out of bed today, went to bed tired but unable to sleep and thoughts just kepted rolling around in my head grrr. After taking kids to school could have quite easily fallen into old habits and stuffed my face with what ever i could dont know why i did this b4 as when i got in made myself a chopped apple, 1/4 chopped melon, some total yogurt and a can of coke zero and even as i was eating it i didnt really want it i wasnt hungry just down for no reason what so ever anyway after having a healthy munch got straight on the wii fit and did 45mins on there to make myself feel better :) it worked lol.
Am finding the wii fit routine that i do so much easier now and its not even been a week the lat few days i have been doing a hour on their and last night and today i even did the long jogging part and was at a burn rate of 110% big grin on my face, i didnt check my weight but my BMI has dropped again from yesterday so still on the right track.
am off to peg the washing out so sorry can now say its bound to rain lol then off to the bank and to see family for abit think i need to stay away from the house today to keep me on the straight and narrow :)

Rose Im linking arms with ya hun we are going to do this i might even grab me camera and try and get a b4 photo to save for a later date
Hope everyone has a great day xx
Good morning

this healthy eating regime, does affect our moods too along the way, especially in the early days, so what you are feeling is natural :)

it might be because you feel you are depriving yourself of so many tasty foods, so you then feel a little cross and annoyed? I felt like that..then eventually realised, by replacing the baddies with the goodies LOL, I became used to this way of eating...and always remember if you ever feel deprived to try to replace your craving with the healthy option...and in my case, I remembered that what i craved was what caused me to end up so obese!!!!!

Definately take some photos, I have..they are horrible!..BUT one day I'll compare them to the new me.

Hope rain doesn't spoil your laundry! its pouring up here, heavily!...I usually guarantee the rain when I've just washed the outside windows :)
Afternoon everyone

uggg the weather is just yuck today cold and raining anyone would think its october looking outside.
Well yesterday was a funny day abit of a up and downer notsure what was going on but had a little demon in my head telling me i needed to eat for most the day ekk! Overall orthough i did eat more the choices i did make were good ones, had small tub cottage cheese, 2 apples, 1/4 melon some flatbread crackers, and a few slices of chicken , just had this urge to eat and could have easily turned to the choccies and crisps and things but managed to steer clear of them so not a total blow out.
Went out last night with the girls and resisted the bag of choccies that they had just had a good sniff lol they know i am on a diet and 1 of them inparticular tries to tempt me but i was prepared and said nope thanks so that was a result, saw 1 girl while we were out who i just cant stand, shes one of these people that look at you as dif your something on the bottom of there shoe, proper smug when they infact have nothing to be smug about she use to be thin but has piled some weight on now and i found myself thinking god you just wait till im the thinner one then we will see whos smug then and i will have reason to be, I have never had anything to do with this girl and the way she is when im around really winds me up many a time i could have just gone up to her and asked what her problem is theres always 1 person that has this knack of making you feel like poo even when you dont know them well Ive resolved to the fact that in a few months time i will be slimmer but she will always be ugly lol

Well that rant over with today has not been to bad apart from the weather breakfast was a shake and then for lunch had 1 apple and some crackerbread with half small tin of tuna and 2 slices of ham :) even walked the long way home after dropping the kids at school thank god the rain didnt start till i got back am going to back a effort to change the routes i walk as most things are all within 5 mins of where i live thought i would go out of my way to find a long way to the shops or atleast to walk round the block b4 going in the shops alittle is better then nothing, shall do my wii fit this evening while hubby is on the pc it seems to motivate me more knowing that i would only be watching rubbish on the tv while he's on the pc so am being more productive.

Hope everyones having a good day and doing well on the weight losses :)

Rose I have taken the first set of my pics today OMG they are going to stay well hidden for the next few months i did some in underwear and some clothed, have to say only motivated me more lol :)

Hi mad muppet. I on mission to lose 132 llb by nov!!! New to this site. Can u find me?? Follow me?? Not sure how it works otherwise I goin round in circles to find who chats to me!! Also I wanna start a diary/ blog with weight details excecise done??? can u or anyone help me?! I will be a pest for few days till I master this site but hopefully I can inspire others and get help I need x
Hi mad muppet. I on mission to lose 132 llb by nov!!! New to this site. Can u find me?? Follow me?? Not sure how it works otherwise I goin round in circles to find who chats to me!! Also I wanna start a diary/ blog with weight details excecise done??? can u or anyone help me?! I will be a pest for few days till I master this site but hopefully I can inspire others and get help I need x
Hi cerrypie good luck on your goal I cant really recommend any diet to you as Im doing my own thing really but basically low carb low fat and healthy hun with exercise thrown in :) someone else might be able to recommend a diet, if you click on user cp on the blue bar above you will see the threads you are following and any replys you may have and to start a diary just go to the diary section and then click on start new thread this will start you off on making your own diary hope this helps again someone might be able to explain this better then me lol good luck xx
1 week gone 9 lbs down

well its the start of my second week and Im feeling good and optimistic had weigh in with me sis today and have lost 9lbs in total (will not be changing my ticker till monday though as weighing in with you lot gives me the motivation i need over the weekend :D) my sis has lost 2lbs and is doing great she has a bad back and cant use her wii fit much at the mo, also isnt following any diet except healthy eating in the evenings and cereal for breakfast and lunch:) we are both on track and in it together pointed out to her that hopefully by xmas we will have lost 3st and be able to join the gym in january without feeling to bad about ourselves lol.
Did a hour on the wii fit last night and felt that i could have done more :D i find myself being constantly surprised with how im doing I really believe that this is my time to shine and whatever gets thrown at me im going to be ok I can do this and i think its the first time ever that Im believing in myself thanks to everyone for giving me support and motivation you are all stars I cant wait for the day to come when we all reach our goal weights its going to be fantastic!
Think i might be high on apples today lmao but im just so happy woo hoo hope everyone has a great day xx
well done on your weight loss and good luck for mondays weigh in too :)

You really put me to shame with your Wii dedication..i keep saying I must get one...hmm, maybe I should have got one before my new clothes????....no, I can't wear the wii :)

anyway, you are doing all the right things at the right time, so you are on the road to success! Great idea to get busy in the evenings, well done! I find chores to do in the evening, even if its only for an hour or so, its an hour less in front of the tv..though I do sky + progs and watch them at lunchtime etc :)
Everyone gets the hunger days, its normal! The night before last, I kept 'thinking' about some leftover cold meat in the fridge, and i thought I wanted to go get it and make a huge sandwich!!!!! After a good 30 mins of these hunger pangs, i got a chilled orange, cut it into quarters and munched on that instead....and the craving for the meat sandwich disappeared!...phew :)
If you get hungry, and can't stop thinking about it, grab some cereal or fruit or a couple of cream crackers with a low fat cheese triangle..even 2 tea biscuits might stop the craving!..then go have a long bubble bath or an early night! Any pangs i get, always happen in the evening :)

have a great day!

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