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135th time's a charm!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Paisley88, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Paisley88

    Paisley88 Full Member

    Hi everyone! Perhaps 135th is an over exaggaration (this will in fact be only the second time I have been on slimming world)

    I have tried other diets, calorie counting, WW etc but I think I will go back to my routes and try SW again, as it is the first healthy eating plan I attempted and the one which I lost the most weight on. I initially lost just over a stone and have managed to keep it off but not lose anymore. Which is why I am here. I've always been brought up cooking from scratch so this is the best plan for me, however I travel into London 3 days a week for uni so I will also be eating alot of off the shelf food - probably M&S salads as that is the only convenient shop and as much as I would like to think I have time for planning etc, I know I won't always.

    I have planned my meals until Saturday - As Sunday is when I will go shopping, until then I am using up the stuff in the house we already have.
    Feel free to comment, say hi or just have a nose around, I'm very friendly and I'm always looking for ideas about what to eat, So share with me the links to your diaries/tumblrs/foodie ideas :)
    I don't start class until Monday, so until then I will just be following the plan as best as I remember, and looking on here ;)

    One last thing - I'll mostly be doing greendays


    Woke up late, so decided to skip breakfast

    Egg Fried Rice - Homemade with onions and cabbage - frylight for the eggs and vegetables.

    73g cooked chicken - HEXb
    Fajita seasoning - (I am hoping free )
    Oil - Hexb
    Onions and peppers
    Tortilla wrap - 10 syns
    Salsa - Unsure, but I am confident I have enough syns to cover it.

    Total: 15 syns


    Swiss Bircher:
    - 35g porridge oats - HEXb
    - 100ml (approx) SSkimmed milk - HEXa
    - Grated Apple

    57g Wholemeal Bread - HEXb
    30g Cheese - HEXa
    Coleslaw Mix
    Lighter than light mayo - 1 syn
    mustard powder
    Quavers - 4.5 syns

    Egg Noodles
    Olive Oil - HEXb
    Soy Sauce


    Cereal, 30g - HEXb
    Milk - (some for cereal, some for tea) - HEXa

    Homemade sweet potato chips
    Poached/boiled egg

    Some sort of homemade vegetable soup
    Bread roll (small/60g) - HEXb
    Cheese 30g - HEXa


    Swiss Bircher (As above, one HEXa and one HEXb)

    Tuna - HEXb
    Mayo - 1 syn

    I have only put the syns I plan to use in meals in already as I will just see what I fancy nearer the time. I do like to be prepared, but maybe not THAT prepared!

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  3. Paisley88

    Paisley88 Full Member

    Haven't been here in a while, but determined to carry on tracking. Writing it down does really help, and hopefully if people are looking at this then they can give me tips etc.
    Went to my first weigh in on Monday, weighed in at 13st13lbs (gulp) but it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be, and thats the last time I will ever see a number that high! Thats the plan anyway.

    Food Today - Green Day

    Special K Chewy Delight - HExB
    Tea w/milk - HExA

    Egg 'fried' rice
    a spoonful of chipshop curry sauce - 3? (might be an over exaggeration)
    options hot chocolate with cinamon and milk - HExA and 4 3 syns.

    2 x Tesco meat free burgers - 1 syn. (I think I am right in thinking these are 0.5 syns each
    with 30g cheese HexA
    SW hassleback potatoes - with frylight
    Some sort of veg - carrots?
    Bread as HExb

    Does this look ok? I am trying to use syns but I dont want to use them for the sake of it?
  4. Paisley88

    Paisley88 Full Member

    Having a snack of hasselback potatoes - there is very little food in this house. That and I am procrastinating over an essay due at midnight tonight.
    All free though ;)
  5. Paisley88

    Paisley88 Full Member

    Food For today - Green Day

    Melon and a Banana

    Buttermint Tea
    Cheese Sandwich - HEx's a & B
    Homemade coleslaw -1 syn for mayo.

    S: Special K chewy bar - Hexb

    Carbonara with courgettes, no bacon. - free.
    parmesan - hexA

    Going out for a friend's birthday drinks tonight but have kept syns fairly low all week so should be ok!

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