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  1. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Just started on my journey, once again. Got down from near 13 stone to 10 stone just in time for starting College at 17. Then (even though I never really thought about it until writing this now) stayed between about 10 1/2 stone and 11 during the two years at college, never found my weight a problem or much of a thought during this time and had some amazing times.

    Then I started uni at 19 and must have been 11 stone as I can remember after a month coming home for a weekend and weighing in at 10 1/2 stone again and being surprised at the weight loss. Looking back at pictures of this time I really long to be back to that size, worrying thing is it only seemed like yesterday

    Now at 22 I weigh 14st 12lb, the heaviest I have ever been. This is totally due to literally living off takeaways most nights for two years, I wouldn't really say i'm a massive eater but just eat the totally wrong things. Already had two failed attempts at diets this year.... But I have not felt this determined and motivated since way back when I was 17 and lost 3 stone. Hoping to be dancing near enough 11 stone come my Birthday 6 days before Xmas, with 11st 7lb being my target for the end of this challenge

    So guess this will be my place for posting my thoughts every now and then. Anyone feel free to join in posting your thoughts and journey if this is about the same time limit for one of your targets.
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  3. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    So I started with my weigh in the Thursday just gone. My last failed attempt at a diet was 6 weeks ago and was surprised to see I had only put on 2lb since then as I was expecting way more. Hopefully a sign that this will go well as the amount of rubbish I had eaten and drank in the previous 6 weeks I was expecting 7lb put on easily.

    Got the spur of motivation to start this from no where. I'm a total night owl and rarely manage to go to bed earlier then 4am :(. This also means i'm a big night time eater. I can go all day and not eat too bad then 1am will come around and I can eat for fun. If it ain't leftover kebab or pizza from earlier on in the night, I will go downstairs and make massive cheese and ham toastie, add to this 2/3 bags of crisps, chocolate, whatever is laying around really, utter binge.

    So basically on Wednesday night I did my usual, got settled down around 1am and went downstairs for my usual binge. Then I just randomly thought to myself, why am I doing this, its just making me fatter and unhappy once I have binged, put weight on and only can fit into a few pair of my clothes.

    Been going fine and dandy so far, fruit has been had when I have wanted to snack but what I really find is helping is when I am feeling like I want binge is drinking green tea. Have read about all the benefits of it before and actually feels like its filling some sort of void :)

    Once I have got used to my diet in a week or two, i'm going to start incorporating more exercise. What I have realised with myself and reading about others is that the rush straight into the diet and exercise regime often causes the downfall.

    About to go into day 3 tomorrow and i'm feeling so excited about this journey already even before my first weigh in on Thursday :)
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  4. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 3

    Going well today, had such little sleep yet feel full of energy opposed to feeling so sluggish during days and nights previously of eating rubbish.

    Feeling so positive and excited for the times ahead. Will be so angry with myself if I fall of the wagon this time but i'm sure I am not going to. Got a friends birthday in 3 weeks, will have to make sure thats the week I start incorporating exercise, as I know silly amounts of alcohol will be consumed :p. My aim is to lose half a stone by then, guess I will see what my first weigh-in is like first as reading peoples stories on here they have lost near enough this in the first week :eek:....would be happy with 2 pounds in my first week though :D
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  5. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 4

    Went out for drive with a friend last night and ended up at mcdonalds. He got what I usually get a large big mac meal with coke. I ended up getting a grilled chicken wrap at 300 cals instead, was quite happy with my resistance and its was yummy.

    Had a Sunday dinner today, filled me up and couldn't finish it all. Normally i'm finishing it, wanting seconds and then wanting more food about 2 hours later. Still feel stuffed.

    Have work tonight, guess the good thing for my weight loss is that i'm on my feet for 6 hours. Hard being on a diet working in a fast food place though, but gonna get a grilled chicken salad, its only 130 calories and free so can't complain with that.

    Already starting to look forward to Thursday WI, hoping for a 2-3 pound loss, would be so pleased with that
  6. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    ...Day 4

    Wow work was strange tonight in a good way. Worked there during holidays from uni for 4 years and I really don't think I have worked as hard as today and had as much energy. Was meant to finish at midnight but got away at 11.15 as I had finished all my jobs.

    Today has just showed me how sluggish unhealthy food has been making me. Had the bbq grilled chicken salad at work and my god it was lovely, with a Caesar dressing and only 190 calories :eek:.

    KFC.co.uk|Grab a bit of griddle|So Good

    I really recommend it if you get put in a situation with friends at a takeaway. The Sweet Chilli wrap at BK and the grilled chicken salad wrap at Mcdonalds are healthy choices at those places as well and probably more enjoyable then greasy burger and fries. This was one of my big worries when I first started this as my friends always seem to stop off at a takeaway when i'm out with them. But there are still some healthy choices available :)
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  7. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 5

    Found today really hard. Don't know if it was just because I had a rubbish sleep but just wanted to eat crap.

    Had a small bowl of beef stew
    A bowl of mixed seafood (mussels, Prawns and squid)
    Some crackers with tuna (no dressing)

    Might have some more crackers as they are only 130 calories for 5 and i've got a late night ahead. Trying to eat about 1200 calories a day
  8. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 6

    Another okay day, didn't find it as difficult yesterday and sort of spured me on knowing its my 7th day on the healthier living mission tomorrow

    small steak,chips and mushrooms (was amazing)
    A bowl of mixed seafood (mussels, Prawns and squid)
    Some crackers

    Weigh-in day on Thursday morning, really hoping to be 2 or 3 pounds down otherwise will feel really de-motivated. If I do hit that target it will be time to get even more focused because I know from experience it gets harder after the first week

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  9. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 7
    Went out with my friends before and going past the fish and chip shop I was nearly drooling at the smell. Still resisted though. Today i've had

    Fish fingers and oven chips (really need to start eating a bit healthier for my main meal)
    3 crackers

    Surprisingly this has filled me up quite nicely.Makes me think of all the stuff I used to eat, what I realise now was just pure greed. First weigh in tomorrow morning and I officially reach a week of doing this :D. Hoping for 2-3 pound loss, any less or even the unthinkable of a gain then I will be so disappointed. But we shall see tomorrow woo :)
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  10. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 8

    Weigh in day

    Well just woke up and weighed myself and i've lost 6lbs. :D i'm soooooooooooooooo happy
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  11. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 8

    Such a busy day at work, rushing round like headless chicken for 4 hours. In there for 8 hours tomorrow :(. Really don't need to work out when i'm in there, my feet are hurting haha. Can really feel the weight loss already on my work pants, feel much more comfortable, doesn't feel like they are about to tear in half if I bend down now haha.

    Oven chips and salmon fish cake (was best meal i've had all week)
    Crab sticks

    Can't believe how well this is going so far, only found one day tough but wasn't amazingly hard. Already looking towards next Thursday, used to hate Thursdays but hoping they become my favourite day now :p. Will be very happy with a 2lb loss this coming week and the coming weeks after that. Have so many clothes which don't fit me now which I will be able to fit into :D
  12. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 9 and Day 10

    What a tiring two days. 9 hour shift at work yesterday, got home watch the Olympics then couldn't sleep :(. Then after few hours sleep (eventually) had to go back to work for a six hour shift. In a way its good as 15 hours on my feet in the space of about 30 hours must count as some sort exercise :p

    On the food front I have been sticking similar to the previous days. Into double figures of my days on this mission and no relapses, my friends birthday night out two weeks today though. Lots of alcoholic calories and probably a regrettable kebab at the end of the night :( guess one day off won't do me major harm :p. Hope to have lost 10lbs overall by then (6 already gone and hopefully 2 each in the coming weigh ins :D)
  13. are

    are Well-Known Member

    Well done Paul u doing well!
  14. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Thank youuuuu :) :)
  15. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 11 and 12

    For some reason finding it even harder the past few days. Still probably stuck to or near enough 1200 calories just feel like I have ate way more then previous days. We will see if I hit my 2lb loss on Thursday I guess
  16. WannaBe14Stone

    WannaBe14Stone Well-Known Member

    I think you're doing really well! :)
  17. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Thank you gonna be a long hard slog :p
  18. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 13 and 14

    Reach the two week mark tomorrow. Quite happy in a way but even though I am staying near enough in my calorie range I don't feel like i'm eating healthy enough. Think thats my aim from tomorrow and to incorporate a bit more exercise. Really not confident of reaching my 2lb target loss this week. But we will see tomorrow :)
  19. are

    are Well-Known Member

    Paul when i read your menu for the day it seems you eating very little for the calories yout taking in. Don't be afraid of a proper staek or any lean meat and try to bulk up on veg and salads and you will feel full and satisfied! Try low fat and low sugar fromage frais or Greek yogurt as snack or something. Its hard for the beginning i know but after a while you know what's good for you and you feel full. and less likely to give up.
    You doing well, keep going you get there :)
  20. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the advise and encouragement :D
  21. paul1989

    paul1989 Well-Known Member

    Day 18

    Wow the days are going by so fast, starting to think about my third weigh-in already. Been about 5 years since I stuck at a diet this long :D

    All going well, had a real struggle in the middle of last week for a few days. But still managed to weigh in 2lbs less on Thursday. Feeling confident about being 2lbs down this coming Thursday and feel I have a genuine hope for a 3lbs loss, certainly didn't think that last week :p

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