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16 and Shrinking Team 16

Hey the gals Leeds123 TraceyR JesseyB Claireg1977 Nugabug and JimmyShoo are gonna be in this team can you put your weights on here from last weeks weigh in for Irene so she can add us to the weekly do daa for this week

My weight was 14st 9lb

thanks WOOOOOOOO we got a Team X
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wohoo. just found this thread and realised that we are up and running. sadly i stayed the same on saturday! boo, hoping for a loss this week but scared stiff as am moving to ss+ (even though i am not sure what i can eat so gonna have a bit of chicken and lettuce tonight!).

am feeling a bit crap today so glad i have found our team thread!
come on team 16? there's never anyone posting on here! lets start motivating each other!
Oh thank goodness!

I was getting worried, thinking we'd fizzled out (or I'd missed something because I'm still finding my way with this online forum business - I'm slowly dragging myself into the 21st century!!)

Yay - more posts please - where's everyone else??
I had given up as no-one was posting i am here we will have to let irene have our weights too. I lost a stone last week. But this week is hell i want to eat food so much. I am drinking 3 litres water a day and i am in ketosis. xx
OMG me too. i have started ss+ for half term week but have convinced myself i will end up gaining this week, i sts last week so if i have 2 bad weeks i will feel really fed up. need some motivation!!!
Jimmyshoo - you lost a WHAT last week?!!! I didn't even know that was possible - congratulations!

Sorry to hear it's rough going this week for you. Last week for me was awful & I was so tempted to go back to 'healthy eating' (nudge nudge, wink wink!) but I'm so glad I didn't.

Although it's hard to keep going after a bad week, I'm sure in some ways it must be pretty tough to keep up the momentum when you've done so incredibly well.

Some lovely people posted me some great words of encouragement when I was feeling as flat as a pancake. Simple stuff like taking it one day at a time, setting mini-goals, etc. I know it's common sense & I suppose you know it already, but I do think it's worth sitting down with a cuppa (my own preference is either vanilla or choc coffee mmmmm...) and really thinking about how to build on the positive stuff you've already achieved.

Oh - and I've also found that it's really tricky to type & eat at the same time, so if you've got a really bad craving, post something - anything - pearls of wisdom, spontaneous poetry, lyrics from West Side Story - anything!!

And you're still in ketosis & glugging the water, so just picture your inner furnace burning off those pounds ...

Keep on keeping on xxx
Hi Leeds- how are you getting on with SS+? I'm sure if you're easy on the carbs etc etc you'll be fine.

Perhaps it won't be as dramatic as Jimmyshoo's loss (can you believe that -wow - I'm so impressed!!!), but I'm sure you'll have some loss this week. My CDC warned me that a lot of people sts on week 2 & then get back into it on week 3.

To use a cliche, it's a marathon and not a sprint. Some weeks we're going to take huge strides towards the finish line, others perhaps just a few small steps (& maybe on occasion we'll stop & recharge our batteries because we're only human) but if we keep going we'll get there.

Even if the worst comes to the worst & you sts (which I doubt!) - would a couple of weeks make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things? I've been overweight for such a long time, that my feeling is I'd rather reach my goal a week or two late, than give up and never get there at all.

(Obviously I'm saying this on a ketosis high after just getting back into it following my nibbly binge week last week - but your advice helped me though that, so as a wise member once said - stay positive!!!)



I know I can do it..
Hi Team!! :D

Well, I was waiting for the doctor to sign the form, which he did today!! YIPEE! and i've had my stash of shakes for the week.

First day is tomorrow...

My start weight is 22st 13lbs :)
jimmy shoo - woooohooo. well done.

SS+ is going ok, my god it makes a difference to the day to be able to eat. i hope i lose on sat as 2 weeks with no movement will be awful. i
oops - posted before i finished...

have had chicken and lettuce for 2 nights and am having some cottage cheese tonight. then thurs and fri i am going back to SS before weigh in. i am sure this isn't the proper way to do it but i want to be really 100% before i get weighed as a nother crap lose or STS week will make me wanna give up, whereas a loss will really motivate me.


I know I can do it..
Hi Jessie,

Well, it's going ok so far. Strawberry shake for brekkie and a banana shake for lunch... they're not too bad at all!
I haven't drunk much water tho, and I know I need to. Just need to get into it.

It's weird tho, I never eat brekkie and don't feel hungry until after lunch time.. but ... was starving by lunch today after having brekkie shake. Going to take a while adjusting but i'm still determined an going to give it everything i've got :)
Hope it's going ok for you Tracey. It does seem a bit weird at first - I know what you mean about breakfast, I was exactly the same - but I've found that things do settle down a bit.

Have you got a good variety of shakes etc for the week? The soups are really good when it's cold outside too - my favourites are veg and spicy tomato, but I think the whole soup thing is a matter of personal taste. Some people love 'em, others think they're bleurgh.

One thing I'm finding very useful is to treat myself with a 'white' decaf coffee in the evenings made with a bit of shake (I like chocolate, vanilla & even butterscotch, but my favourite was when I made it with chocolate tetra - mmmmm....) It just feels very indulgent & I really enjoyed mine tonight when I had it after a lovely hot bath, then curled up on the sofa.

This diet is great, and I'm sure you've read that the results can be astonishing (fingers crossed!) but it can be tough going at times, so make sure you take a bit of time out for yourself & remind yourself how great you're doing.

OK, lecture over. Well done for getting started. Post if you need a bit of encouragement - goodness knows I've needed it (and I've had some fab support.)

Good luck for Day 2. xxx :)
Oh Leeds, I never thought I'd be so jealous over cottage cheese!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Saturday, but it sounds as though you're doing everything right with SS+. I'm sure you'll have a loss this week, because even with the addition of a little food, it's still far fewer calories, etc that a traditional 'diet.' Have you managed to stay in ketosis?

I know you were disappointed to sts last week, but it seems that those people who plateau really manage to do well in the following week or two, so it will all even out in the end.

Keep it up, lovely.

Keeping 'em crossed xxx


I know I can do it..
Thanks for the tips etc Jessie, means a lot to me. I've got a long way to go.

I've had all shakes for this week, I know it's psychological but if I have soup or bars then it'll be like I'm eating and the idea of taking food out of diet is what appealed to me. So, when i'm sick to the back teeth of shakes... i'll give a soup a go.

My CDC didn't really tell me long term plans for me. I mentioned this site and told her it's great etc so she's always saying 'well, you seem to know about it so keep reading the forum'. She's lovely, and she's started me off at 4 shakes a day. Any idea how long i'll be on 4 for? Do i drop to 3? Christmas is in 8 weeks and if i have to go without anything for xmas dinner then that's fine too. I just don't know when i'll be moving to ss+ etc. I have to take it week by week until she says I guess.

So how long have you been on CDC hun? How's it going ? You feeling ok?

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