16 Pounds in one week


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Well done that is brilliant!!! If you dont' mind me asking, do you have lots to lose??!!


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What a start not surprised you chuffed completely through a stone in a week.

Good luck with the weeks ahead. What a time you picked to start this close to Xmas!

Dizzy X


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Wow, over one stone already!!! That is fantastic, well done. A great incentive to continue.


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Just back from my CDC and I am so excited that I have lost 16 Pounds at my first week weigh in

Gobsmacked! :D

That is truly AMAZING !!! well done hun :D



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Yes I have a looonng way to go but Im chuffed with that start and I havent felt hungry at all which is amazing. I had a dream about a sandwich one day but that was it .. its been fine .. I hope it continues that way .. thanks girls.


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Thanks girls I cant tell you how happy I am I really feel this is the one diet that is going to get me to a normal weight again..... just as soon as possible so any tips would be gratefully accepted


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Great Result, well done x


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that's absolutly fab hun, all the better that you hav'nt felt hungry. this is a fab diet & you'll do really wee.
i spent a couple of weeks winging co i'd only lost 3 1/2 lbs a week, but looking at the bigger picture now (after 6 weeks) i've lost 2 stone 1/4lbs (+ 10 1/2lbs pre CD)
looking forward to hearing your future weigh in's :)


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My tips are
1. Stick to the diet
2. Don't weigh yourself in between "official" weigh ins
3. Experiment with splitting packs and doing recipes for crisps etc. Discover psyllium husks for making packs go further
4. Keep one eye on the ball, and the other on the big picture.
5. Make yourself a large graph. sticking pages out of a graph book together. 1 square = 1lb up the side and 1 square = 1 day across the bottom. Record your losses each week in the appropriate square. Draw a dotted line at the rate of a 4lb loss each week, and this will give you some idea of how much you will weigh on any given date in the future. Your total loss will often be below the dotted line, at least to start with, but overall, this projected weight loss will keep you focussed. It is especially useful on a "not so good" week - FORCE yourself to look at it until any negative feelings have gone, and you can focus on your achievements instead of the disappointing week.
6. Be as active as you can.

WELL DONE!! Ann xxxx


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Fabulous, fabulous start! :D Mega well done!!

Great tips from Ann as well....looking forward to seeing some progress pics in the New Year...:)


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For CM and Ann

Well done and congratulations cm.

It is a wonderful diet. I can't think of anything to add to Ann's great advice which I shall take on board myself.

Ann, I was on Lipotrim from June until November sole-sourcing. I changed over to CD which is sheer heaven and I just love the shakes so much they will be a part of my life-style forever.

The only thing I would say is that the bars are so delicious, I was like a kid in a sweet shop with them to start with. I didn't put any weight on, but I knew I had to get a grip.

I'm continuing to lose weight even though I had been on 420 cals and went up to 750. It's nice not to have to sole-source all the time.

Marylyn x


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Wow! Wow! Wow! You must be on cloud nine

Great work :)


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Thanks both,

Well done to both of you too!

I just wish that I had had more knowledge about vlcds 15 years ago. I know it isn't any good looking back, but sometimes I just wish I had started Cambridge way back then.

Vlcd has been the only thing that has worked for me. It's a long story........

I can enjoy the rest of my life now anyway as a slim woman that looks at least 7 years younger.

Marylyn xxx