16 stone - very fed up but determined


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Hi - I happened to stumble across this website by chance. I am 27, 16 stone and 5ft 6 - so very very overweight.
I have been diagnosed with Polycytic Ovaries and I've been told because of this I will find it very hard to lose weight - but I'm just sooooo fed up being this big I'm willing to try anything - so I was hoping someone might give me some advice on what sort of weight-loss I should try -
Appreciate any help - Many thank,
Ang. xxx
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hi there Angela & welcome!
Weight loss is a very personal thing & I think only you can decide what is right for you! Lighter life is a very low calorie diet (VLCD) where you drink shakes & eat the odd bar but it also comes with 2 hours a week of cognitive behavioural therapy and transactional analysis which helps you look at why you got overweight in the first place & what you can do about it. In terms of polycystic ovaries I understand that it can be mre difficult to loose weight but it is possible; also so argument I understand on whether the weight can contribute to worstening of the condition as well but not 100% sure...there are lots of diets discussed on the site so have a look around & see how yu feel! LL is extreme but you loose weight quickly & look at why you got fat in the first place...good luck whatever you decide!