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18 stone 5....I cant believe it!!!!!

Been there had that feeling, still have that feeling haha! I got up to 23 stone :( I have lost 16lb of it but really just cant wait to get into the 19 stone bracket :D We can do this together hun and get there in no time. xxx

X Kelly X

Silver Member
Hey Louisa83

Ive got the same stats as you i too am 18st 5lbs and 5ft 8.
I have done CD before but didnt have my heart in it, but this time I am, so it would be good to buddy up and share our progress if you fancy? xxx
Hi Ladies, I am on Day 2 of my restart and my restart weight is 18st 3lbs, so I'm similar to you guys.

Have you done CD before, how did you get on before? I am hoping it will just click this time. I have restarted so many times and fallen on Day 3, but this time it is feeling different, so hopefully I'll finally get to Day 4! :)
Hiya Kez. I have dont LL before and lost 3 stone in 9 weeks came off it because it cost me so much and i was not working. I started CD in Jan and managed 9 weeks laost 2stone 5lbs and then broke it and EVERY week i say to my CDC i am going to get back on track but i have never managed to stick to it a whole day grr!! But hey i am now on day 2 so i have passed my first little hurdel and i am so please hehe!! I know we can do this :D xxx
Wow you've done really well up till now! I started CD in Feb and lost 22lbs, but didn't stick to it. Did a bit of SW, a bit of my own calorie counting etc. Anyway, I ended up putting it all back on again and now have another 12lbs to go to get to where I was before I came of CD the first time around.

At the minute, my goal is to get through the first 3 days with no cheats whatsoever...I've never managed it for!
Hey Kelly, that would be great to buddy up xx

Hey Kez, I did CD in January and I lost 22lbs in 3 weeks and I then stopped...(I had 3 deaths within weeks of each other)I have gone to see my CDC a few times,however, I had exams etc and it just wasn't the right time.....No more excuses now!!! CD is good you just have to stick out the first few days..that's when the hunger goes. The next hurdle is your mind and trying to overcome the temptation to eat x
Very true, I did my final exam on Thursday and by lunchtim hadn't eaten anything so thought, well the exams are over what excuse do I have now for today to not be Day 1!

I think I did the 22lbs in 5 weeks, but I was messing around in between. I don't think I've had a single 100% since I slipped on Day 4 the first time around. I've got such rubbish will power.
I hope so! Getting married next year and I've bought my dress 3 sizes smaller...lol! So if I don't it's gonna cost me!

Have either of you got a diary on the go?

X Kelly X

Silver Member
How are you getting along? Im waiting for the CDC to contact me, but i do have some left over from last time so I will be starting ss+ tomorrow. What plan on cambridge are you guys doing? Ive got some mini goals that I would like to achieve.

july 31st (friends wedding) 1st 7lbs gone
sept 29th (HOLIDAY!!!) 3st 7lbs gone

Im hoping this is realistic.
I will be starting my diary off tomorrow so will be updating hopefully everyday.
Right am off to work now and then straight off out to Brighton (near where i live) to have some leaving drinks with work people as my manager is leaving. xx
I'm doing SS at the moment, I am determined to do a week of only SS, even if it's just to prove to myself that I can do it. Then I expect I will go to SS+. The weight losses aren't meant to be that different between the two, but at the moment I am too weak to have any kind of food. It's all or none for the minute for me!

Had a fab night tonight!


Is determined to do this!
Hi Louisa and other ladies!

I am a restarter as well. Last time I lost just under 19kgs over 3months or so. just had a weigh in with my CDC and am back to where I started from to the gram! Am 18st 2 now and feeling absolutely terrible. I have been meaning to restart earlier, but havent for one reason or another. TOMORROW is going to be day 1!! I have never managed a whole day without at least a little cheat either..! Shameful.. I have the worst self-control ever when it comes to food.

Anyways, I will be here from tmrw and joing you guys for support if thats ok! :)


is back on it...
Wow...bit of a trend her.. but im restarting to on the 28th :)... not going to do SS this time thou going to have 2 shakes and a no carb meal... my cdc said it was 1000 cal plan, a neighbour of mine has done this instead of the SS and lost 5 stone in about 4.5 months... and more the point has kept it off for over 6 months by properly following the maintenance.... so if the losses are still good and i can eat... it might make it easier to stay with and easier to maintain after at goal weight.... a few good mini goals to keep me focused!... so a very positive start... just cant wait to get going... i get such a buzz knowing that im shrinking everyday when im on it!... :) not sure how you guys feel about it thou but last time i did Cambridge... i hated the Negative comments,... so this time im not telling anyone other than OH and my sister... and prove them all wrong by becoming a slimmmmmm jim and keeping it off....

Keep it up... will be needing some motivation in my first couple of days from the 28th... will check back then...

Clare xxx
Good look ladies,I started at 18.2 last August,got down to 13.4 just before xmas and now am almost 15st again and feel rubbish about myself and am wearing clothes out of the 'big bag.
It's stupid I feel pants yet at the same time keep thinking I'll wait til my holiday,summer bbqs are over by which time yikes-too scared to think about it!
Anyway just wanted to say well done for giving yourselves a kick up the bum,unlike me who just can't get my head sorted- I will be back eventually,meanwhile I'll keep popping on to get some inspiration from you girls.
Mrs Txxxx
Hey everyone, my mini goal is to lose at least 2 stone before my 27th birthday in August. Guys we can do this by if we are feeling like we are going to crack post on the site or have a black coffee (it does the trick for me). Good Luck for today x

X Kelly X

Silver Member
My CDC has now got back to me so im going to call her today and arrange my offical start date, oooh im all excited. :) cannot wait to get rid of this bloody weight, so started today but having a strawberry shake,not my favourite kind but i am trying to get rid of them lol, water is what I struggle with so am off to try and crack that one by having a pint. I hope everyone has a fantastic day, keep on it. We will all be skinny minnies, wooooo xxx

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