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180 Day Challenge

I have lost 3 stone in 2 years which is a good thing but I know I can do better and that I need to focus more on my weightloss efforts so I am consistently losing rather than the forwards backwards approach I seem to be taking so far.

Over the next 180 days I will be chronicling my efforts keeping the diary here and on a blog details of which I shall post later.

When this challenge ends I hope to be at least 5 stones lighter than I am now which is well on the way to reaching my final target and will make a huge difference to my standard of living.

Todays job is not to think so much about my food intake today but instead to make plans for the coming week and to give my cupboards a big clear out. Tomorrow I will be going shopping.
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Hey I just wanted to say good luck with your challenge and weightloss. I would really like to loose 5 stone by the beginning of July as Im going to Spain with my family so that my goal. Good luck. x
Today I had a really simple and easy dinner, which might sound a big ugghh but was actually very delicious!

Mince and Baked Beans
Serves 2 (374 Calories, Free on SW EE)

1 Medium/Large Onion chopped
400 grams Extra Lean Beef Mince
1 Tin of Beans ( I used Sainsbury's Basics)
Worcester Sauce

I softened the onion in some Frylight and a little boiling water, then added the mince to brown it. Next I added the beans, the seasoning and the Worcestershire sauce and simmered for a while. Served with a Jacket Potato and lots of veggies, it was filling and delicious, although I have had a little wind...
Sounds yummy. Beans always create a bit of tummy wind ;)
You could try to swap the mince to Quorn mince. In telly the said it's 75% less fat :) Same time I have to admit I know nothing about Slimming World recipies or how you are supposed to eat:)
Good luck with your goal!x
Quorn is a freebie too, I have tried cooking with the mince a couple of times and don't know if it just my way of cooking with it but I never really got on with it. I might give it another go soon :)
I have been doing well thanks, 2lbs off this week which makes 5lbs altogether, much better at eating right than updating my diary :D

I got my Slow Cooker out today and made a lovely pot of beef stew with hardly any fuss, was delicious too!
Sounds delicious! My boyfriend makes the best beef stew what I ever had. Maybe I'll make him make some for dinner tonight.
Glad to hear your losing goes well! Keep it up and let us know!
I really should chuck my scales out, not good for between weigh day motivations, I always end up weigh 2 pounds more naked than with clothes so I know they are not too accurate >.<
It all depends on so many things.. I'm +/- 4 pounds sometimes. It depends on the time of the day, how much water and food you've got inside you. I can't imagine not weighing myself every day. It gives me more motivation I think. It's good to see that it is actually working. I guess it's different for people, some might get frustrated if it's not working for some days.
Well I had a couple of days where my Dad who said "I sometimes think I take your diet more seriously than you do" to me and proceeded to feed me duck pancakes one day and lamb shanks with a high calorie sauce mash potato with cream etc, luckily for me he is incorrect and I cared enough to know this would happen and I mitigated the damage done! Bless him he means well >.<

Aside from that I had a great week and the scales rewarded me with 3lbs off! Taking me back to a total of 50lbs altogether. Next week I want to finally finally she a number below 20 stones! Weekend away but I am going to be good at home and make as good choices as I can.
Well weigh in tomorrow and I am going to be most annoyed if that 20 stones doesn't look well and truely behind me, I have had been very good this week but it doesn't stop me from being nervous as hell about weigh in, eeep!
Thanks Lift your crossing of fingers worked a treat 4.5 lbs off for me this week! :wee:

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