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1lb a Week?

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I'm sure like a lot of us I have tried LOADS of diets, from food replacement to counting points, and I've not succeeded so far. I always aimed for big weightlosses at weigh-in and was undoubtedly disappointed with anything less than 4lb.

I talked to my doctor last year about weightloss and got so frustrated when she'd tell me to join a slimming club and aim to lose 1lb a week. "What?!" I'd think, "that's a COMPLETE waste of time!"

But here I am, one year on and another stone heavier...and I am finally getting the point.

I joined SW three weeks ago and I'm aiming for a 1lb weightloss each week, which means this time next year I'd have lost 4 stone (2/3rds of my goal) instead of being ANOTHER stone heavier!

I don't think I'll EVER get a Slimmer of the Week award, but I'll get there eventually!

Has anyone else set themselves small (but perfectly formed!) weekly weighloss goals?
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Well said!!!
This is why i love sw its a lifestyle choice not quick fix diet.
I'm loosing weight very slowly (0.5lb - 1lb a week) and at first it really upset me, but 12 wks in and I can see the difference in my body and i feel in control of my food and health for the first time in my life. x
S: 16st0lb C: 16st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh well done! And yeah I think that's exactly it, I want the diet to fit into my life, not the other way round. I think I struggle to maintain BIG changes to my lifestyle, especially when cooking for the family, so SW is great because essentially you just make small changes to what you're already doing.

Luckily I decided on the small goals before I started because I know if I'd have gone in with my 3lb-a-week head on I'd have been disappointed! There was a girl that started the same week as me who lost 4lb in our first week and I lost just the 1 (she politely avoided complimenting me on my loss incase I wasn't happy) but she didn't come back last week - that would have been me this time last year!
It's like you burn out if you try SO hard that your diet isnt recognisable anymore.
For the first time I actually feel like I am achieving and it's so liberating!
S: 16st0lb C: 16st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
So true! I actually have a greater sense of well-being now too - I hadn't eaten fruit and veg properly since I had my son two years ago - but I seem to have just a better feeling about myself and I'm not getting nausea like I used to before. Obviously it was just a build up of all the crap in my system! The antioxidants in the fruit and veg must be making a difference?!
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I lose on average 1lb a week. As slimbysummer said at first I was a little disappointed in this but kept slogging.

One week I put on 1lb and it really hit home to me how happy I was with ANY loss, even a tiny 0.5lb. From that point on, if I hit a 1lb loss I'm genuinely thrilled with it!
Already I'm 12lb down and noticing the difference.


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
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I used to be petrified of losing 0.5lb-1lb a week. To be fair *touch wood* I have lost a couple of lb a week, sometimes more.

I am fully expecting it to slow down though, the nearer I get to target- and I'll accept it. Of course, I would love to lose the 10 stone I needed to in a year- but I'm not going to beat myself up with a scanbran if I don't make it (and I most probably won't)

For me, the most important thing is with SW I'm getting a healthy relationship with food. I've never had one. This plan is for life, and it's not restrictive, so I can live it!

So when I get to the 1lb or less loss a week, I'll embrace it, because it's better down than going up again! ;)
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I too have an average loss of 1lb sometimes 0.5lb and for some reason every 4 weeks I put on a 1lb, so I'll take any loss I am given. I do sometimes get jealous of those in class that lose large amounts each week and gladly tell you what they eat off plan, but I think that because it has taken me so much time and effort to lose my 15.5lb's I personally am less likely to go on a binge and put it back on.


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this is a positive mental approach.Losing weight is about the mental attitude as well as what you eat, so I for one applaud it!!
im very happy to lose 1lb a week i follow slimming world but i must say i do still have a day where i have a treat over syns its the best healthy eating plan i have ever done the slower it comes off the easy it stays off :)
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Mate- I don't post a lot these days but just had to reply to this one.

You sound just like me 3 years ago- I decided exactly the same thing for exactly the same reasons, and just want to let you know what happens next....

I lost 112lb (8 stone) having been overweight my entire life. I got to target 14 months ago and have stayed there happily since- the 2 years it took me to lose the weight was time spent analysing my approach to food and adopting a new way. SW is the answer. A realistic approach to loss is what is needed for those of us who have a lot to lose.

I just wanted to stand as proof to you that the approach you are using works- check out my photos- I used to weigh 19 stone and i now run marathons- it isn't easy and can sometimes feel like it is taking forever, but you have to live through those months anyway, so why not slowly lose weight while you are?

Good luck!
when i set my mind to it, and 100% on plan i do tend to have a great weight loss. But over the whole time i have done SW, i think my average Weight loss is less than 1lb a week.

I dont care as i have lost 5 stone, and i certainly have enjoyed being on this healthy eating plan - (its not a diet!!!! hehe)

Good luck - and good positive thread - i like 1lb a week, its what I am aiming for myself this week.



Determination is Key
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I have a lot of weight to lose myself... 9st all in all. And because I'm so heavy to begin with, I tend to lose quicker. I aim for 2lb a week. If I lose more than that...wonderful. If I lose less, oh well! It's not good to set yourself strict goals as far as weekly losses, because if you consistently don't meet them, you'll give up. Simple as.

As long as it's coming off, I don't really care how long it takes me, although I do hope to have it off for the end of the world in 2012 hahaha

I'm two stone down, seven to go, and enjoying the journey. I'm learning whole new ways of cooking, and living. It really is a lifestyle. I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to join 12 weeks ago, even though none of my friends would come with me haha
S: 11st8lb C: 10st12.5lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 27 Loss: 0st9.5lb(5.86%)
As you'll see from my stats below, I dont lose weight very quickly. I am always pleased with a loss of 1lb. I think the slower it goes, the more chance there is the habits will 'stick' as you will have been doing it for longer and it will become more of a way of life.

Good luck!


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I was the same, I wanted to lose it so quickly so any losses under 2lbs I thought were pointless, I'd be happy but would think "why couldn't it have been 3 or 4?". Now I've seen the light lol 1lb off a week is a great target to aim for. That means 52lbs off in a year, which is over 3 stone, and you might get those weeks where it's more than 1lb so it could even be 4 or 5 stone lost in a years time.

Basically I realised I have a lot of weight to lose and it's not going to fall off in a week, 1lb losses all add up in the end!

Good luck! x
S: 15st3lb C: 12st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.37%)
I like this thread. I fell off the SW wagon about 3 years ago - gained about 1.5 stone in that time (ok had another baby during that time) all because i thought it wasn't coming off quick enough.

That was until I decided enough was enough, what stuck in my memory when I did go to class 3 years ago was when the consultant brought in these things which represented what various amounts of weightloss actually looked like. On that evening I remember looking at a 1lb one thinking how big it looked. I wish I had taken a photo to refer to when I started to wish for bigger losses (sometimes I did). I am grateful now when I lose anything!

Now I'm in the zone I am looking to have a normal eating style (no starvation or silly slimming recipes I won't enjoy for life - if it doesn't taste nice then I won't cook it again i'm not going to eat yucky food just to simply get a decent loss). I want a good range of meals under my belt that don't scream diet constantly at me!

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