1lb off...am I happy?

Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by Darcys Mummy, 14 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Darcys Mummy

    Darcys Mummy Silver Member

    I'm on week 2 of my SW online and after losing 5lb in my first week and feeling psyched for the next week I'm now feeling a little miffed about only losing 1lb this week. I know a loss is a loss and I am happy that 1lb has gone but I had set out to achieve my half stone award this week and thought I could do it no problem as it was just 2lbs. I have stuck to my plan and I haven't even used half my syns allowance for the week so I am just confused. If I'm sticking to the plan with no cheating how come I couldn't get to my half stone award? I know a pound is great and better than nothing lost or worse a gain but I did the plan and I'm feeling a little defeated here and instead of thinking 'that's it next week half stone award' I'm thinking 'if I'm sticking to it and that's all I lost why bother? Surely there's another option'. If I only had a stone to lose a pound a week would be fine but when you have 12st 7lbs to lose it seems like target is a long way off at only one pound a week. Not a happy slimmer this week.
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  3. Bellyup111

    Bellyup111 New Member

    That's great
  4. kloerose

    kloerose Member

    It's so disheartening isn't it. A loss is a loss but I can't lie I wish I was consistently losing more. My journey is slow but I am losing each week. You will probably be shocked next week and yourll probably have another 5lb loss. There's no real pattern to the weight loss or a rhyme or reason but it does work x
  5. Jadey88

    Jadey88 Member

    Well done 1lb is great :)

    You may lose more next week. Your first week is always a bigger loss. Keep to what your doing it all adds up :) xx
  6. sarah1991

    sarah1991 Member

    I know how you feel I did exactly the same. I lost 5lb the first week and only 1.5lb this week. But the way I'm trying to think of it is any loss is better than a gain, right? X
  7. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    well done a 1lb is good - slow and steady wins the race - good look on your journey
  8. Darcys Mummy

    Darcys Mummy Silver Member

    I'm over my self pitying now lol I've lost and gained and lost again since I only lost the pound and I am happy that it was a loss even if it was a small one cos when I had my gain I felt really bad and this week I would have been happy with a pound loss I was very lucky that I had a 4lb gain ( star week ) and then a 3.5lb loss but had it been just 1lb I would have been happy.

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