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1st 10kg gone, now onto 2nd 10kg

Discussion in 'WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time)' started by harriet, 14 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    hi everybody. i want to lose 35kilos and im starting in a few days time. i have a long history of trying to lose weight and have done so in the past its gone back on and im fed up with feeling so down about myself and so i thought id join you all here and hope i will succeed.

    i know in relation to some of us here i have a smaller amount to lose but i know its how you feel about yourself that counts and whether its 33kilos or 65kilos, its all how it makes YOU feel and its just as important :)

    i hope that makes sense!
    Last edited: 6 February 2013
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  3. mummyoffour

    mummyoffour Well-Known Member

    Hi I have about 5 stone to lose which seems like soooooo much. Been gradually putting on weight for ten years and finally want to say enough is enough. I AM going to make 2013 my year to get healthy. Good luck x
  4. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    sorry for such a long delay in replying mummyoffour but i hope to see you around. ill have to start saying something. 1 reply out of 144 views isnt great lol
  5. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    so first day today. ive been putting it off because of the snow which is a terrible excuse! ive got 5 weeks exactly until i go on holiday to tenerife for a week so thats my first incentive. bring it on!
  6. mummyoffour

    mummyoffour Well-Known Member

    Hehe no worries, hope it's going well !! Wow wish I was off on holiday soon lol be good to have some warm weather!! Hope you have a great time, something nice for you to focus on when the diet malarkey gets tough !!?
  7. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Well-Known Member

    Good luck, I've booked a holiday too, in the hope it will motivate. Holiday is not until August but I've got a lot a weight to lose!!!
  8. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    motivation is the key, that and control :) its just under six weeks but its enough to give me a kickstart. its our first holiday alone together since we had the kids (and the eldest is 21 this year) so i think we deserve it, in fact i know we do lol:)
    Last edited: 23 January 2013
  9. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    so ive lost 4kg this week which im pleased about. long may it continue :)

    im starting to feel a little better about myself already (well until i look in the mirror)
  10. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    im going to have a crafty weigh-in either friday or saturday just to see how im doing this week...if i weigh myself too much each week, if it goes up at all, i find it totally demoralising so best keep off but after 5 days, should hopefully show a loss? i hope so!
  11. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    well ive lost another kilo so far but official weigh-in day, monday so will see if its changed by then :)
  12. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Well-Known Member

    Good luck for weigh day! Your holiday sounds a great motivation, Tenerife sounds lovely :)
  13. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    thanks nic!
    so lost 1k this week which is fine cause ive been up and down with a few personal things. its all going the right way!
  14. xMariex

    xMariex Well-Known Member

    I am not really up to date on Kg . I think 1kg is like 2.2lbs so that doesn't sound bad at all. And like the other lady said your holiday sounds like a really good motivation. I remember reading on here if you lost a 1lb every week it would be like 4 stone a year which doesn't sound so bad when you think about in those terms so 2lb sounds fab :)
  15. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    thanks marie! yes its all good and im pleased.

    i had another crafty look at the scales this morning as i felt lighter and ive lost another kilo (yes just over 2lbs) so will see what the total is by monday but im pleased so far. ive set several long term goals for myself which im gonna update on my status in a bit...anything to keep the motivation going!
  16. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    Hi harriet

    good luck on your weight loss journey and enjoy your holiday

  17. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    so third weigh-in for me tomorrow. ive weighed myself and its going down nicely so will be nice to see the end result for this week on monday. ive been sorting out a few clothes too today for the holiday etc and im starting to get excited...the weather in tenerife has been 73 and 71 degrees the last couple of days ive checked so that will suit me nicely for march!

    ill be back tomorrow
  18. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    so another 2kg off this week which is great and means only 2kg to get to my first goal. (thats also 17.64 lbs in three weeks!)

    i keep having trouble with my ticker in that it wont let me change it so ive got to make another one...how annoying..!
    Last edited: 11 February 2013
  19. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    well done harriet your doing great :)
  20. harriet

    harriet Well-Known Member

    another half a kilo off so far this week.......
  21. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    well done harriet thats great i bet you feel fab to


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