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Attack 1st Attempt at Dukan

Well decided I must do something after I stopped smoking and put an extra stone or two on. My biggest downfall was chocolate.

Anyway Dukan - am on Attack Day 5, am a little confused as the book suggested 7-10 days because I want to lose 6 stone and the iPhone app said 3 days.

What have your experiences been, have you done longer on attack? if so do you think it makes you lose more?

Todays Menu has been:

B= Muller light Vanilla yog + 1.5 TBSP oatbran (did have great trouble locating this!)

L= 2 hard boiled eggs, slice of Beef,chicken and lean ham

T= Slice of ham,beef,chicken and cottage cheese.

Lots and lots of water throughout day.

Have lost 4lbs so far, nothing yesterday though.

Its been great to read all your advice from the other posts, what a great support this is!
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Goat herder(ess)
Hi, Keza.

Not sure whether it's the same calculation which the app uses, but the official site advised me to do 3 days of Attack, but I did 5 instead.

However, it's believed that long periods of Attack aren't really necessary because it all averages out after you've been on Cruise for a while. Much of the weight you lose during Attack is water, which is regained slightly when you begin eating veg again during Cruise.

I think that the Attack period helps you to get into ketosis but, once there, the fast weight loss is more of a morale booster than a necessity. A shorter period will still put you into ketosis, and you'll catch up the weight loss once you've been on Cruise for a short while.

The problem with long periods of Attack is that you can become bored with the very restrictive foods allowed, plus it can bung you up a little. Cruise adds a little more variety and helps to ease any transit issues.
Ok so day 6 attack weight loss seems to have stalled so upping exercise from tomorrow!

Today's food

B= 1/2 galette and muller light yog cup of tea

L= 1/2 galette and slices of chicken and beef

2.5 lit water

T= 2 egg omelette with ham and quark and cottage cheese and cup of tea muller light yog x
i would say your not eating enough protien for your weight hun ...and after 5 days attack wont shift the weight much faster than if you were on cruise


grammar police
definitely up your protein levels, a lot of people have found on here that the more they eat, the more they lose - some of our best losses have occurred when we've polished off entire chickens in a day!
Thanks Emma I Don't think I could quite manage a full one in a day but will give it a go. Maybe I should picture it as chocolate and I may manage a few in a day lol x


grammar police
a roast chicken is great for picking at -you'd be surprised how much you can get through, and there are loads of fab recipe ideas too - i've just discovered putting roast chicken meat in a quiche, and it's lovely. I reckon i've had at least half a chicken today :)
Day 1 cruise pv day

1lb loss this morning so chuffed that's 5 in total in a week!

B= mullerlight yog + oatbran
S= 2 x bacon 2 x fried egg tomato and diet coke
L= roast turkey slices and salad with lettuce, tomato and onion

2 litres water
T= 4 x slices ham with cottage cheese
S= mullerlight yog


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