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1st day and its awful


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Don't give up hun... if healthy eating was the easy option none of us would have got big in the first place! CD really does work... hang on in there and give the ketosis a chance to work. Once it does, the hunger goes away and your first weeks losses will be motivation enough to carry on. Stay strong... you can do this. It really does get easier!



Girl on a mission
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Hey hun, I'm on day 2 of my restart, but don't give up on day 1 you'll only regret it, most people find the 1st three days the hardest , Get to your 1st weigh in and you'll see the great results that cd delivers it'll inspire ya to stay with itxx


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Hey darlin,
I am re-starting the CD on Monday and semi dreading it! I think what you're feeling is the carb withdrawal. It WILL pass. Give it a few days! In 4 days time, you will find yourself full of enery and you will be SO PROUD you made it through the hardest part! It's that great feeling that makes me think, " I can get through this!". You may even have to remind me of that when I am going through the initial hard part early next week! And put it this way, you're already more than half way through you're first day! Would you want to repeat that at a later date?

May the power be with you!

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Oh poor you, the first day is always the hardest because its when you miss food the most. Try to do something that will take your mind off it, ironing, cleaning, having a bath, anything, also try to stay out of the kitchen and avoid preparing and cooking food if you can. It is hard but try to take it hour by hour and remember that every hour is another achievement. Have an early night .. that always helps me but most of all stay strong and motivated. This diet is brill and I am a slow loser on any other diet but have managed to lose 20 pounds in 5 weeks.

Good luck x


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I started on Sunday, and the first day was NOT enjoyable in the slightest!!! It was horrible!

I'm on day five now and feel fantastic - not even particularly hungry!

HANG ON IN THERE!!! and make sure you're drinking your water!


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As others have said..it DOES get easier....alot easier

I was on the phone to my CDC on the first day nearly crying telling her i couldnt do this..and id never manage all the water..she pulled me through the first few days and boy im glad i hung in there 4 and half stone later :) nearly 5 months on :)

PLEASE dont give in this early....give it time to work

Come on here and winge and moan it helps lol
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Well i nearly cried twice at work :( Also i think i suffer from binge eating disorder and thought this would sort it out but having spoken to someone at work today i really think i need to see the counsellor i have been referred to before i start doing anything like this. I don't think it will work till i have sorted out my head.


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Good Luck with whatever you decide to do, I hope that seeing the counsellor ( ?eating disorder counsellor) will really help you. All the best x

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