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1st day back at work after being off for 2 months!


is Special :P
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Maybe they did notice but didnt want to say anything....wierd i know but some people are odd. When i lost 4 stone the guys at work never said a word!!!! When i went to a christmas party with some of their wives.....they said oh yeah my husband mentioned how good you looked and all that.....why didnt they say it to me!!!

Taz x
Rubbish - they noticed alright !

Some people are weird.
Some are jealous.
Some think you might have lost weight because you've been ill.
One thing's for sure - they have noticed.
Keep it up, be positive.
They didn't say anything when you were putting on weight did they?
I bet your uniform looks much better now than it did before doesn't it?
Its nice if people comment on your loss but some people might think you've lost through illness and don't feel right saying so. Either way, your doing the diet for you, they will eventually notice and the compliments will be flying in.
I saw people from work for the first time in 6 months (8 stone lighter) and for the most part they didn't comment. But I did hear them talking amongst themselves about how fabulous I looked and that they didn't recognise me.
Eventually a couple came up and said it to me personally. One said she thought I'd been unwell. Makes sense as the last time they'd seen me my dad had just died so maybe they thought I wasn't looking after myself hence all the weight loss.
When I told them what I'd been doing they were really supportive. I think that sometimes people are just so shocked by the change they just stand back and stare and don't know quite what to say!!
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Hey Karma

Don't feel bad - not ONE person on my team commented until I had lost 5 stone. And that was only because I had gone away for a month on holiday and when I came back having lost another stone and a half while away - then their jaws hit their desks.

The men - I would see them looking me up and down as I got smaller. But no comments. THen finally when they said something, they said they were afraid to comment in case I was not well, due to it going so fast - they thought I might be sick.

Others are just self-absorbed and don't notice.

Don't worry about it - you are doing it for you anyway,, right? Sod 'em. One day they wil open their eyes and be like, "hey - when did THAT happen!!!" lol

lol - I wil never forget one day, one of our managers was trotting around bragging that she lost a stone in just two months. One of my team mates was going on about how impressed she was and how marvelous an accomplishment it was, etc. (which it was - ) but - I had enough. I slid my chair over and said, "Just for the record - I have lost 3 stone in less then two months. And not one of you lot noticed!!" lol - She fell about laughing, and called herself a muppet - and said - "BL, we don't look at you like that - you are just you - we see you everyday and I guess we just never took stock of your weight" lol - nice, but how could ou not take notice of a 20 stone woman stuffing her gob all the time!!! :rotflmao:

Nevermind. There wil come a day that they HAVE to say something. :D

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