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1st day - LAST EVER ATTEMPT!!!!


Likes Food :)
Well today is my 1st day again (4th try), and this is the last time I am ever going to attempt this! I dont know whats wrong with me, but I do really well all day and then get home and give in to food :sigh:

What is wrong with me???????? I really want to do this as I'm so unhappy with myself:(
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I'm about to go down stairs and have my first pint of water and my second shake of my 1st restart... I lasted 5weeks last time, never cheated, took a 2 week break and that was 5 weeks ago..! ;) I am fed up with food so fingers crossed I succeed on it..! :D

Good luck ;)
Oops... First shake of my restart.. Lol
Hi I could have written your post I am fine all day at work then go home and the demons start to appear. I end up fighting them and they have been winning for the last few months but no more yesterday I was 100% and plan to be today as well (trying the old positive thinking) I just think we need to take it one day at a time and we can do it!!!!!!!!!

Take care Bethan :)
Yeah taking a day at a time and looking forward to the weigh-in get me through.... Soon you'll look back (nice and skinny) and laugh at how easy it was.. ;)


Likes Food :)
I hope so!!! Feeling very positive so far (but then I've only been awake for 2 hours:D)


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I'm the same - I restarted yesterday and gave in last night then cried for about an hour. Why!!!
Good Luck with your restart - take it an hour at a time if needs be - thats what i'm doing today!!
Hiya girls :)

As most of you know it took me 4 months to get through 1day on this diet. I know about being good all day and then giving in when you get home!! I am now on day 6 of 100% SS and i feel on top of the word that 2morra is my WI and i will see a loss on the scales :D

Come on girls you can defo do this!! If i can do it anyone can <3 xxx


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Thanks Tasha - that really helps!!
I'm having to dig really deep for some will power today.
Hey i know all about digging deap for will power. At the weekend i had to sit through a BBQ, meal at the pub, the cinema with my OH eating machos and cheese next to me, late night pizza orders from my OH and brother so i defo know about digging deap. But hey i got through it without a single things passing me lips that shouldnt have. Now when i was there it was a nightmare and when i got home i started to cry i was that emotional and upset i really thought i didnt have it in me and all i wanted to do was eat. But i didnt and i got through it..... so i defo think you have it in you too :D

Anything that you want to eat think this. Put it off till 2morra if you still want it 2morra then have it but most likely you wont even want it. :D Your doing great hun <3 xxxx


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Thanks for the advice - I found the first few weeks easy but its getting tougher!!
I like the advice of putting it off til tomorrow then reassessing if I want the food. thanks. Good Luck with your weigh-in.


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more than one of us have had restarts! good luck, and come join the fun of the forum :)

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