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Extra Easy 1st Day menu check please?


Trying again!!
Breakfast: Banana
Lunch: baked potato (hex b), low fat cottage cheese, salad
Dinner: wholewheat spaghetti bolognese made with extra lean mince and veg
Snack: WW dessert yogurt - lemon cheesecake

Hex a - 250mls semi skimmed milk in drinks

28gms cheddar 6 syns

I ate this before joining SW this evening - I realise that for dinner maybe I should have had some salad or something?

Thanks in advance

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Your potato didn't have to be counted as a health extra - it's free. Put extra veg in your spaghetti bolognaise and that will count as your 1/3. So you have one HEb left - you can have 2 Alpen lights, toast or some dried apricots for supper.

Well done though for getting started - hope you have a fab week!
Daisyboo is right Hun...and try to eat more free food.
Try having a look at the Food Diary section on here to give you some ideas to get you started.

Good luck!

Hi & Welcome!

Were you having an original day? It looks like Extra Easy could suit you better if you'd like mixing up your carbs and protein.

I'd have a bigger breakfast - Egg on toast, or cereal and fruit, then more fruit as snacks through the day.

Good luck, keep posting.


Trying again!!
Thanks so much - wow I'm quite pleased at that - might have a piece of toast later. I've just discovered the food diary on the SW website so will play around with that.


Trying again!!
I realise I need to have more super free foods but it looks to me like the cheese I counted as syns could be my other hexb? I'm really not hungry and don't want to eat for the sake of it.

I will be able to plan better now I've got access to the website and the books

Any advice would be great
Yep your right!! If you swop to cathederal city lighter you can have 42g and it isjust as good as the 'real' stuff - my hubby doesn't even notice the difference!


Trying again!!
Thanks Daisy
I'm just using up stuff I already have in the fridge - I like Aldi's reduced fat cheddar - I can't tell the difference.

Yeah Kaymarie - I've done red and green in the past - really like the look of EE
If you're counting this day as EE, then you can't use cheese as a hex a, unfortunately, so would still have to syn it.

You really should try to eat more than a banana for breakfast, but I know some people don't 'do' breakfast very well!

Add a bit more superfree in and you're doing great :D
Thanks Harry'smom

Cheese is listed as a hexb though so why would I have to syn it?

I'm sure I'll get my head round it soon - but not a bad start - have done much better with todays plan - I only got the book last night.


Strutting her stuff
Cheese is only a HEb on green days so if you're doing red/EE then you could need to syn it or use it a HEA. Don;t worry - you'll soon get the hang of things. Just ask if you're not sure of anything, better that than find out you've been doing it wrong afterwards.

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