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1st day-not sure i like it :-(

Hiya, well it was my first day today.

Had the vanilla shake and thought I had made it too watery as didn't think it had much taste. Then I had the banana one at lunchtime and had to check it wasn't the vanilla one by mistake!

I was really looking forward to having the chocolate shake tonight, hot, I made it with less water but I thought it tasted slimy :-( made my tummy turn.

I have done Cambridge prev so knew what to expect but this has really surprised me. I feel like reaching out for some nice food but don't want to. I have a months worth so have to make this work!

Help please xxx
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.............how much water did you use? I use 250mls and a lot of ice 2 x tablet sweeteners and whizz in a blender.....it comes out like a smoothy or a thick shake. Perhaps you would like it better this way? I hope you find a way that suits you. Good luck xx


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Give it a week and then see if you feel better -- I have not done this diet before, so I'm afraid I don't have many suggestions. Think about all the weight you are going to lose!

If it just doesn't work out for you after a couple of weeks, then perhaps consider passing the remaining shakes along to somebody else who finds the Cambridge Diet to be more their style?

Good luck! :hug99:


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Oh hunni, keep going. I to like you did CD, and lived on tetras, when i did my 1st shake this morning it was a bit of a let down on flavour, but then it didn't leave that horrible taste like the CD did. Just think our poor taste buds are suffering but will soon get used to it again, stay strong and keep posting x x


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Whack a spoon of coffee in them - that'll sort it



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Persevere if you can. I have to say I found it ok but not as nice as LL.I've halfed my vanilla pack and added 200mls water,coffee and one sweetener today twice with half a bar at lunch time and 9pm. Tomato and basil soup for dinner-very creamy but ok too. Not sure what I'm going to do on Wednesday when back at worl- I like to have something four times a day when working and on LL had my bar at lunchtime for convenience.Need to think about a plan.....
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Yep, I agree with Toots. A spoonful of coffee and a sweetener in the shakes (even the strawberry and banana!) make them a lot more interesting.

Keep going. :)
Aww thanks ladies. I think it's first day blues lol! I was just disappointed with the tastes. My hubby pointed out that I'd also been having lots of sweet stuff over Xmas.

I can't stand coffee so that's not an option, I'll have a play tomorrow again and see if I can get them to taste better.

I used 300mls water plus ice cubes with the vanilla this morning so think that's why it was watery lol! I might give the sweetners a go though.

Thanks for the support-this board is great! Xxx
What have you gone for? I am def finding them wishy washy too! I shall preserve though although I was nearly sick after the chocolate one :-(

Good luck with what you are doing xxx
Definitely use less water, between 200-250mls is what I use.

I dont much like the taste of the shakes (except the banana one) so I just drink it quickly and then drink a glass of water to get rid of the taste.

I hope you find tomorrow better than today was :D


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Me too poppy girl! Not sure I like it either after day 1 but I'm persevering! I did W8 3 years ago and the shakes I hated the first week were the ones that ended up my fav!! Fingers crossed this will be the same!!

Keep going!!


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I was dreading the mushroom soup, but last night I added some veg stock, dried garlic and black pepper and it was gorg, I think that cambridge was very strong flavours and it's just a case of havign a play with what you want to do with the different soups/shakes.

I used to mix up the chocolate with a little bit of hot water and put in microwave for 1min - comes out like a choc sponge/biscuit - yum yum
Hi Claire, aww thanks for asking after me :)

Well had the strawberry shake this morning and it was nice....phew!! Not sure what I'll have for lunch yet. Might try the vanilla again but with less water.

I did buy four bars too but my old Cambridge head says not to have them this early on otherwise I may just reach for other biccies

Doing good with the water today, 1litre down already plus 3 cups of red bush tea!

How are you doing today? Xxx
Glad your doing ok! Personally when i first started exante last year (and failed lol) i didnt really like many of the flavours.....but they grew on me. Now i love all the shakes....you jst find ways of making them more pleasing for yourself and when yo do it'll be much easier xxx


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I've only being doing Exante 2 days and to be honest.. im not finding the shakes 'enjoyable' but if its the way to a Size 12 then im happy to do it :D
Just think that nothing tastes as bad as beeing fat feels..? :p

Theres some good tips in here about making them taste different so i'll try the examples and see how I get on.

I've not had any of the soups yet but i'll be giving them a go sson. :)

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