1st day on CD


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Good luck lynn, Broc and cheese is vile :sign0137: :sign0137: :sign0137:


is gonna do it!!
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Hi Lyn,
Was womdering how you were doing!
Yes, the brocoli cheese is minging!! I like the veg, chicken and mushroom or the spicy tomato soups only.
Its just a case of trial and error, you'll get your fave's. Ive not tried the porridge yet, will get some next time!
Good luck X


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I tried the broccoli and cheese..omg its disgustin..never having that again.

Have to agree with you, although i could swallow it and finished the sachets i had. Try the cappuccino, that made me gag and i couldn't swallow it, but it is so many peoples' favourite. We all differ.

What diet did you do before CD????


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Im scared now to try the others..lol, i have 2 packs to take tonight..hmm i wonder.


nearly there!! :)
was wondering how u were hunni!! well done on making the change hopefully yall sail threw the first week again.
i refused to try the brocilli one yuck haha