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1st day on lipo trim!!!

Hi my name is Tina i have just started lipotrim for the 1st time today:wave_cry:
I have had 1 shake and 1 soup so far i feel bit sick really trying to drink loads of water can any one give me any good tips to keep on the wagon i have tryed loads of other diets before and none have kept me going so i am giving this my best shot as i have 3 wedding to attend this year so want to be skinny:cry: how much weight do you think i could lose in 16 weeks?
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the first tip is dont see the diet as a hardship .. look at it positivly , it is what is going to make you thin .. it WILL work if you stick to it and after the first week it gets much easier . Stay positive and after than first weigh in you will be extra motivated :)
Experiment with the shakes and soups , try different amounts of water ( always use the minimum tho ) , try blending with ice , try the soup very hot and weak ... you will find a way you like things and some you wont like at all.. just find out what works for you !
I was on LT for 15 weeks , and lost just under 5 stone , I have now swapped to cambrigde as I wanted to change my plan and up my intake slightly .. but LT really works :)


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Cant agree more with the Lovely determinators advice there!

Black coffee really helped me through, If you dont like black coffee any leaf teas are fine aslong as the ingrediants say 100% leaves.

A hot drink really helps :D


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Good luck for your first day. The first week feels like it won't end but when you go for your first weigh in it will all be worth it. I had my second weigh in today and have lost 12lbs in 12 days (had to bring my weigh in days early) which when you think about it is probably what I could have done in 12 weeks on weight watchers.

Good luck and have a look at the inspirational slide show if you feel like you need a boost.

You're not alone. This forum is a god send and has helped me through tough times.

Good luck and keep going xxx
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this is my 2nd week on lipotrim and i can assure you it gets easier. think positive and think thin. try to focus on just one day at a time and even one our at a time if needed. remind yourself why you are doing this and good luck..


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Hello Tina
Get through the first week and you've cracked it, honestly! After that it really is a case of plodding on until you're at goal. There will be ups and downs believe me, but once you're in ketosis you'll be fine.
The worst thing for me is the psychological side of not eating - but after almost 6 weeks that seems to be disappearing
In fact all i've done for the past few weeks is bake cakes and cook nicer meals than normal for the family. I seem to be obsessed with finding new recipes ;)


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Hi Tina, I am on day four and the others are right, find what works for you. I drink warm water most of the time, add pepper to the soup and loving that as it keeps me warm.

One of the best tips that has helped me though is to look at the shakes as 'fat medicine' and just knock it back....


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All the above is great advice, stick with it and all you'll lose is the fat!
I started today as well (but I've done it before)
We can all keep each other going. :)
:D thanks guy for all the good advise and all your positive comments well just finished work so end of day one for me which was not as bad as i thought it would be and i feel a little hungry but will just go to bed in a min to take my mind off it lol
Thanks Cathy would be great if we could buddy up being we started the same day to give each other support i think i will just take one day at a time good nite every one Tina x
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Choo choo!! All aboard! All aboard!!!


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i feel for u, its day 4 for me, and i just cant stop thinking about having something to eat. what sucks is that there is always food around, people having coffee, croissants, free lunches at the presentations 3 times a week, its getting really hard.


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Hope your second day went alright Tina, and hang in there 'thinking', just wait til you see the weight dropping off you - you'll feel spurred on! The weight will drop off you in no time, just keep going :)

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