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  1. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Full Member

    Just started lipotrim today. Done this before and was successful but after having a baby put on weight. Finding it ok so hopefully will get through the next 12 odd weeks.

    Would like to hear how everyone else is doing.

    Starting weight 13st 13lbs :(
    Start date 22nd May 2014
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  3. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Hi, this is my second time but unlike you I didn't do it to well, never made the end of the 2nd week when I started refeed im on day 8 now & by having this forum is honestly what has made me stick at it. I wish you all the best on your journey with it & im sure you will succeed.x
  4. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Full Member

    How much did you lose in the first weigh in
  5. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Unfortunately I only lost 4 & a half lbs but its due to, time of month & I had also been on the maintenance plan just before I switched over, so my water retain had been minimised already. 1st time on it though I lost 8lb first week & then like yourself I had another baby & piled it back on again. Its tough but im getting my confidence back that im gonna stick at it. Did you have a big loss first time?
  6. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Full Member

    The first time I was on it I lost 7lbs in the first work and then 6lbs the following, so nearly a stone in two weeks. It is hard. I took a pic of myself yesterday morning in my underwear and every time I have moments of 'oh can I do this', I look at my phone and go 'oh yes'.

    It really does work and that's what should keep you going.
  7. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Yea it really does work & I honestly can say I never feel hungry. Its just the mental temptation. I have a list on my fridge of how I dont wanna feel, the pic is a really good idea. Them losses is great.
  8. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Full Member


    Hi all

    3rd day of lipotrim and had forgotten how hard this day is. I don't feel hungry just bored with not being able to eat, but that's just habit. Trying to keep myself busy and trying not to weigh myself as I want my first weigh in to be a surprise.

    I've started to walk twice a day as I'm currently on maternity leave. How is everyone else doing or do you have any advice on how to get past this first week.
  9. mammyof4

    mammyof4 Member

    Hi, ah the 3rd day was awful for me, I had that funny fuzzy headache & felt like I was gonna faint a few times, 4th day I was fine, but def the boredom was horrible. I just tried to keep busy & out of the house as much as possible. I even gave my kids note pads & pencils & told them we were going on a mystery drive & they were to draw or write down all the exciting things we see lol. I had them out for at least 3 hours just driving. I must say im kinda getting used to it now. Dinner time is when I do my exercising. Hang in there, it does get easier, your doing great x
  10. Bollyanna

    Bollyanna New Member

    Hello. This is my first post. I am starting Lipotrim today. I have quite a way to go! I have just realised that my first weigh-in is going to be when I will be retaining maximum pre-menstrual water. What a nuisance. It means I won't get that huge psychological boost I got when I did my first weigh-in when I was on Lipotrim before. I think I lost about 10lb the first week when I was on it before.
  11. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Full Member

    Hi bollyanna

    You'll be surprise how much you may lose. When are you getting weighed next. I'm due my first weigh in on Wednesday. This is my second time also on lipotrim. How much do you lose in total the last time?

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