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1st day

Well Ive done my first day on LL had vanilla with coffee tasted like a latte nice, then i had a mushroom soup I liked that as well, for dinner I had the chili, mmm I found it was quite hot tasting but will have again. The last one I had was the chocolate i was really looking forward to this as I was having it hot YUK :sign0137: I think I will try to make one into a muffin perhaps it will taste better, managed to have 4lts of water but went to the loo so many times got a bit worried at one time was desperate and just made it to the loo:eek: LOL (tenner ladies here I come LOL);) all in all I would say I had a good day.
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Hi Lottyfern,

I have come to love the chocolate packs but I always make them into muffins. I eat them hot from my little ramekin with a little teaspoon! Yummy.

I also make the caramel into muffins and usually add a little coffee to the mix - that gives a lovely butterscotch flavour.

The only thing I don't 'muffinize' is the soups - I have them hot when I sit down to eat with my family. I really like them now.

Keep up the good work!



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Well done on managing to make it through your first day!

Your body will adjust to all the water and after a week or so you don't have to run to the toilet quite as often.

Mind you I am sure all the running to the toilet must count as exercise:D

Love Mini xxx


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Lol Lotty my colleagues thought I must have a kidney infection and when the loo was occupied I was beside myself!!
Mini I hope it's true .... that it gets better but I know it'll be worth it anyway and your skin needs it anyway.
I hated the chocoate too - sooooo disappointing.
Fatpossum how do you make the muffins? Just mix as usual and stick in the microwave? How long for? It would make a change at least.....
Well done Lotty :wavey:


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How to make a muffin.

Place about a tablespoon of boiling water into a ramekin and then add the powder.

Stir well - I usually do it with the handle of a teaspoon - and pop in the microwave on high for 40 seconds.

Using less water it comes out with a texture like a muffin (you need to extend your imagination a little here!) but if you add more water it's a bit like a hot chocolate mousse or maybe even one of the Sainsbury's Taste the Difference ...... well maybe not :D - but edible.

Good luck!

p.s. Someone has compiled a whole pile of 'recipes' for the food packs including crisps and cheesecake - you will find them if you have a root about on this site.


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Thanks FP I'll have a root .....

:thinking2: Soup muffin now that's a thought LOL
I will try to make the choc and caramal muffins thank you for that.:thankyou:
As for running to the loo every 20 mins its abit worrying when you have had 2 children over 50 and overweight the poor old bladder just cant cope,:ashamed0005: its not what it used to be:giggle: Just hope I get faster at running or as I shrink so dos my bladder ROTFL must run bladder calling


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Well done Lotty on getting through day 1 ... you've done really well by enjoying 3 of the packs. Do try the chocolate again though as your tastes do change.


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