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Attack 1st day!

Sounds good to me tho I'm a newbie too! Only thing I have found is do try to limit the diet pop water seems to be much better tho I never discount a diet cola when I need a fix, also strangely it seems the more protein you eat the more weight you lose.... Wrong but true! Just never get hungry, I find a couple of hard boiled eggs in the fridge work wonders xxx
Ps I NEVER used to have brekkie tho now I start my day with oatbran porridge... I can recommend it! Takes no longer to prep than my morning cuppa! Xxx
I never used to eat breakfast either, but a spoon and a half oatbran mixed in with vanilla muller light is so quick! and it fills me up for ages too!
I'm currently abroad and muller lights are not available but I mixed 1 0% fat free yoghurt, 2 drops of vanilla essence, a spoon of stevia and the oatbran in a bowl at night, I just take it out of the fridge in the morning and it takes about 30 seconds to eat!
I'd also say you need a bit more protein. scientifically, you need approx 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight in order to retain muscle tissue. (I just looked at your stats - we're almost the same!) How about some skinless chicken drumsticks at lunch? I'm now carrying a tin of tuna in brine for emergencies! I had a lecture yesterday (YES ON SATURDAY!) was supposed to finish at 1pm, he went on until 4pm! my tin of tuna was a lifesaver!


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If I need breakfast on the run I blitz together a raw egg, teasp of coffee powder, splenda, with milk and soy milk. Into a thermos and drink it on the way or at work, whatever. Don't leave it long though as it's not so nice. No hunger until lunchtime.
Yay lost 1lb this morning!! Thanx 4 all the comment, really helpful. I managed breki 2day.

B- scrambled egg & diet coke

L- 5 chicken legs.

D- chicken kebab & muller with oatbran

I have also had a lt of water. Hopefully another lb 2moro.
Well I'm 24 & I'm one of those girl who is Neva happy wiv herself haha! Is that just me?? I've been on a few diets like ww and jus can't shift the last 1/2 stone!
Also I eat wen I'm happy, I love nothing more than 2 stay in on a Friday with the other half, a bottle of vino & a Chinese. So as you can imagine I've found these last 2 days quite difficult!
Also Im gona find giving the alcohol up the biggest challenge, I'm a bit of a party animal & I live 4 the weekends. (eek this is gona b sooo hard) Hopefully this diet will work & I will keep it off!
Day 3 & I'm really missing carbs!

B- muller with oatbran & coffee with skimmed milk & splenda

L- 5 chicken drumsticks & diet coke

D- turkey omlette

I've drank loads of water and I'm having warm milk & splenda before bed!


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How tall are you, niche?


** Chief WITCH **
Righteo... best things, small packages and all that ;)

However, at your current weight, 3 days' attack is fine, so time for some veggies/salad tomorrow perhaps?

(And that milky drink before bed mightn't work in Cruise where 1/4L maximum milk is allowed per day...)
Day 4. I'm Gona do 1 more day of attack and then I can have veg, yay! I have also bought some wheatbran which should help with my, erm, problem! Haha

B- black coffee & 5 slices of ham

L- 3 chicken legs & diet coke

D- 1 chicken leg & 2 hard boiled eggs & muller with oatbran.

I've also drank loads of water. Might take something else for dinner as I'm sick of eating chicken, aarrrggghh!! I'm Gona attempt to make some muffins 2moro with vanilla Mmm, I'm so craving something sweet.
Woohoo 6lbs down! Started cruise yesterday, it was soo gud to eat some veg.

B- muller lite with oatbran & black coffee

L- prawn salad with diet coke

D- cod with veg & Philly sauce

I've also made a cake which I cut into slices, I'm on pp today so I can enjoy 1 of them 2moro.

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