1st official weigh-in today...


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Wow well done hun!! xx


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Well done I bet ur buzzing have u had any side effects x x x x got my 1st weigh In on weds and am positive :) I have cheated and weighed myself today but got about 3 different weights on my scales so I'll go and do it officially at boots dum dum dummmmm lol


Thanks girls - I am absolutely made up, especially considering one of my midweek weigh ins wasn't very positive, teach me to wait til official weigh day!

Kittyketts - not really had any side effects, apart from when I had a Kitkat Chunky and it wasn't as dramatic as i thought it would be, just a bit more of an urgent need to "go", but no tango effect thank goodness!!! Not going to use that as an excuse to cheat though.

Totally on cloud 9 now - had a lovely tea too, piece of haddock with Fry Light chilli wedges and green beans, mmmmm.

Good luck for Wednesday! x



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Well done your off to a brilliant start :)


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well done thats a great loss for your first week!!! keep up the hard work


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well done x


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wow kirstyd well done we started the same day and got the same result woohoo.xx