1st Timer Just decided on lap band surgery


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hi I am new to this website and think it is great that it exists. I was going to have private balloon surgery and then realised that it was still going to be an up hill struggle so I have decided to go for lap band and pay for it. I am in london and would be paying approximately £9000 for the surgery can you suggest any surgeons in london who are good and do it for less. I looked at the bmi website and they seemed a reasonable, I am scared about the op and the scare that will be left. how is the band actually filled after surgery and what do people see. i am not telling anyone about the surgery so i do not want it to be obvious,:confused:
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First of all, welcome to the forums!!

I think you posted this in the wrong forumpart :$ This is for Cambridge Diet which is a very low cal food replacement diet.

I think you will get better responses / more usefull responses posting in the ehh ''surgery'' forum?

Good luck with everything though, I really hope all goes well and you will be able to make the right decission for you :)

xx Lostris


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But... you could try cambridge Diet in the mean time, you may find you suceed with it and save lots of money at the same time. ( some people say the weight loss is about the same rate using sole source!)