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1st week on slimming world

So im new to slimming world and to forums and tommorrow is my first weigh in,my starting wieght is 168.5 lbs im would like to get down to 133lbs as soon as possible who doesn't,my slimming world leader has given me a club 10 weight of 155lbs.
so being my first week i have been feeling really hungry and found it hard.i have a big sweet tooth and loveeeee chocolatte and have managed to go all week without any the only chocolatte i have had is a cadbury light choc mousse not the same as a bar but i worked for me.
i was wondering if anyone has any other low syn ideas to stop the chocolatte cravings and to deal with the hunger issues? :)
has anyone got any recipes for a extra easy free pasta and chicken dish?

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Hi clare! Iv been on slimming world for three weeks now without the classes and lost 9 pound which is great for me as I am a chocoholic too! I have not had any choc since I started and am quite proud as I can easily eat 4-5 bars a day! I am keeping the craving at bay by eating the light alpen bars in choc flavour as they are a healthy extra. Nice melted in microwave! Ha ha. Also love sugar free jelly and toffee muller lights. They are helping alot. Good luck with your weigh in! X jackie
Oh and another tip... Give it another week and the hunger will lessen! Your body is craving its usual sugary treats and I was hungry constantly for the first two weeks but my body got used to it and now im fine! Have three meals a day and thats it! It does get easier! X
thanks guys im really missing the chocolatte and like you jac i could easily eat 4/5 bars a day... i hope the hunger does go im worst at night when sitting watching tv but i think thats just habit..weigh in tommorrow so hopefully thatll sper me to keep it up


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I buy the sachets of highlights/options hot chocolate and that helps cravings. they are 1.5 - 2 syns. I used to keep curly wurlys in the freezer (they take forever to chew/suck) and they are only 5.5 syns. the skinny cow choc icecream is meant to be very low syn but im not sure how many. I tend to only need the sachets now and even then only around my period time when I become a murderous choc-monster :D

Good luck for your WI tomorrow xxx
hi karen
thats a good idea ill get some of them i use 350ml of semi skimmed milk as my a choice and i never drink it all so i think ill go and get some tommorrow? thanks fingers crossed ive done ok in my first week
I ate a chocolate bar every afternoon at my desk and could happily munch through huge bars alone in front the tv.....after a couple weeks without it the cravings died off and now a few months in I'm not fussed about eating it at all. So persevere, your body will stop craving it.
I second the Options hot choc idea - they take longer to drink as they're hot too!

I don't find I crave crisps/choc at all any more after 4 weeks. I don't think I could eat a choc bar without panicking about what it would do to my WI!

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