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1st week support and encouragement please!


Restart 3/9/2013
Ok I am restarting today. Again. In fairness I have been CD free for about 8 or 9 months since my last attempt. It is almost a year to the day since I started my original CD journey. I lost 5 stone in 3 months, and I would love to do the same again.

But first I need to get through day one (boredom hunger)...then day two (shivers, stonking headache, wanting to kill people) hopefully into ketosis day three, then settling in ketosis day 4/5/6/7

I know from previous restarts that if I am going to fall off the wagon it will be in the first week. If I can get past week one then I am in "the zone" and will be able to stick to it. I also know from experience that I need to hold out as long as possible before i have my first shake each day, otherwise I'll be hungry of an evening and wanting to pick. I am determind to get back on 100% and get this sodding weight off once and for all.

So please, anyone who can spare a bit of support and an ounce of encouragement it would be gratefully received. I am a big girl and have an awful lot to lose, so my journey is going to be a long one even if I do stick to it 100%. So please feel free to give me the occassional kick up the backside too.

My restart diary is here: http://www.minimins.com/members-only-diaries/100233-cazzas-2009-restart-new-journey-new-diary.html if anyone wants to follow my journey. I have about 10 stone to lose in total, but am focusing on smaller goals
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Hi ya, well done for starting again. I started on Wednesday after briefly doing it last year and its the only thing that ever works for me as I need to see quick results in order for me to stay on a diet. I'm sure you will be able to stay on track with the help and support of everybody on here, thats whats helped me. As you say once the 1st week is through it gets easier so just hang in there.

Good luck!!!
hi star. you will get through the first week fine, then im sure i wont take too long to get to goal. w are all here for support and advice. keep us posted! x x


Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to wish you all the best on your restart.. you have done it before so you know it works.. wow 5 stone in 3 months is fab...
Good luck and just get through those first few days, lots of water keep yourself busy, hot bubble baths.. and you will be well on the way to being slim again..


Restart 3/9/2013
hi star. you will get through the first week fine, then im sure i wont take too long to get to goal. w are all here for support and advice. keep us posted! x x
Hi Charlotte - see you had the same starting weight as me and WOW WOW WOW you are down to 199lb!!!! I DREAM of being under 200lb - in fact I would be happy for that to be my end goal! I am a few inches taller than you so think about 200lb would probably be a good weight for me. However right now I would be happy to get under 300lb!!!! :rolleyes:
Good luck and start by believing you can and will do this. Positive mental attitude is a must on this diet as you prob know from last time. Wont be long before the scales will be dropping and your confidence rising xxx


Restart 3/9/2013
Well so far so good. Been up since 7, so far had nearly a litre of water and nothing else. Even managed to watch my toddler eat her way through a bag of red allsorts (my fave!) in front of me and felt ok - if I hadnt been on cambridge Id have wrestled them off her! Still trying to hold out as long as possible before hitting the first shake!


One day at a time!
Hi Starlit, well done on starting again - keep positive and you will get there. I have been putting gold stars in my diary on each day I stick with it and it feels very good seeing them there and helps motivate me not to see any gaps! This is only day 5 for me so early days yet but each day takes me nearer to my goal and dreams.

Good luck.


100% all the way!
Hi Starlit, Wishing you all the best on your cd journey! I'm sure you will be fine, you've done it before so you can do it again! GOOD LUCK xx


Restart 3/9/2013
Just tucking in to my first shake...LF Cappucino with a spoonful of proper coffee in it for flavour :) Rather out of practice at making the shakes so actually ended up with too much water in it so had nearly 2 glasses full! lol. Thats probably a good thing though - means I got a bit more towards my water allowance today!

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