1st week Wi after Restart


One Last Time.......
Morning all

well first weigh in after restart and 6lb done! in total 11 as i tried slimming world for a few weeks.....

I've made it a full week and no cheating and feel really positive! :D
WELL DONE RACHEL.. thats brilliant. :)

First week is the hardest, and once you have got through that it gets easier. Just keep going, am on week 2 now myself.

I have tried SW and WW and this has been so far the easiest to stick to. You get a few ups and downs but thats to be expected.

Again well done.

Deb x
well done .... keep it up!!!
Just think of crimbo din-dins .... well enjoying it without feeling the guilt at least after losing a couple of stone! :)
WELL DONE!!!!! FAB weight loss. :)