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1st week

What can be the expected loss in the first few days?

I want to shift a couple of unwanted pounds before christmas and I have next week off work, so I thought ideal opportunity. Do you think it is viable to do one week then take a week off and then get back to the plan again. When I say take a week off I dont mean go 'mad'!

I did find a loose 18lbs in 4 days plan which I want to follow for 4 days of next week to see what happens (only daunting thing to me is that it doesnt allow you to exercise!) and I was thinking to slim fast the remainder to christmas. Do you think this is viable?

Please respond quick as I am thinking of starting today or tomorrow!
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i would give it a go..
but i would def exercise!!!
maybe as you have the week off up the exercise a little too!!!


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as for how much...
i dont know.... its different for everyone...
but see how it goes....
I lost 4lbs in my first week and I have to say I wasn't really strict with myself and I didnt find it really difficult to do. I do exercise most days between 20-40 mins with the wii.

I am still going to do it over christmas, I'v got the first week done which I thought would be the hardest so I dont really want to undo all my work. I will enjoy myself but wont be eating all day everyday. I done this last year and was around 91-93kgs in Jan, I dont want that to happen this year!
well in 4 days we will find out. I have started today... half a grapefruit for breakfast with a black coffee, 2 eggs, beans and squash for lunch and some beef tomatoes and an apple for tea. I am going to go to the gym tonight for half an hour and I may also jump on the exercise bike while I am at home for an hour while the soaps are on later - I find its good to pass the time quicker!

Jumping on the scales today to my horror I am 145lbs.... My goal is 126lbs / 119lbs (ideally) by August! If this doesnt work then it doesnt, bit of an experiment really before I start Slim Fast solidly on 1st January.


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well personally i dont think its good for anyone to go on crash diets eating like that, but if you wanna give it a go... then go for it.....
hope it goes ok for you
I think your goal is realistic and should be achievable by August.

I think we all have to remeber that there are no quick fixes and its about a lifestyle challenge and one that wont happen over night. I'd love to lose all my weight and wake up skinny tomorrow but it wont happen, the same as I didn't get fat over night - it all took time!

We need a plan that will work long term, which is why I like slimfast. I am not depriving myself - I can still snack and have a normal dinner.
i am merely testing the 18lb in 4 days plan. Tonight i am in bed fulfilled and happy. I am going to stick with it. What do i have to loose? Really enjoyed the gym today and i feel so upbeat.
10 Stone 1 pound today - thats a loss of 4lbs after 1 day. Going well, might as well stick with it another couple days and see what occurs. If this doesnt work at least I am still exercising so I am not wasting any time.
still 9.11 - I only did three days of the plan but still thats from 10.5 to 9.11 in 3 days - 8lbs. Straight and narrow from now on, eating healthily and normally until 1st Jan and then its flim fast all the way!
well done!! what did you eat for those days???

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