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*1st Weigh In*

And what a confusing one it has been!

I went to an introduction to Lighter Life class yesterday, just to see what it was all about.

Anyway, they weighed me on there posh digital scales, at 119.8kg, so I converted it and it converts to - 18.9st, and I was pleased with this because my start weight was 19.8 4 weeks ago! which is a 13lb loss!

But i was all too aware that it was different scales and that I shouldn't rely on it, I should use the scales I was originally weighed on at the docs!

Before I went to docs I weighed myself at the gym and it said 120kg's, bang on which is - 18.9st, which is the same as above.

So I went to the doctors today and the weighed me on the scales, not the same ones though :mad: because I wasn't in the room!!!! I was hoping to use the samescales each month there!!

He said it was showing 116ks, which converts to - 18.3st, which means I have lost a 1st, 6lb's! But he turned round and said, you've "roughly lost this" and roughly lost that", you've lost about half a stone??? WHAT!? But he had my reading on the computer before which was 19.8? so I was like? Can't doctors do maths? But quite frankly he has been rude all appointment to me so I wasn't going to argue with him.

ANYWAY, I have bought myself some Salter digital scales today (£10, BARGAIN, from home bargains, for anyone needing any!!) and weighed myself and they say 119.8, which is 18.9, which is a 13lb loss and the same as two other readings I have.

So on average, I have lost 13lb! And i'm annoyed at the doctor and the whole flippin process I went through to get to that reading as well to be honest because I thought I would just be ale to weigh each month at the doctors but they can't even do that right!!

So 13lb's, Yay! My first goal done and I have scales of my own because obviously the only person I can rely on is myself :D

(rant over) :eek:

So I am only going to weigh myself on my scales now, so its accurate. I thought I could trust to get an accurate reading from the doctors, but OH NO!

Anyway, I'm pleased. 13lb in 4 weeks :)

Sorry for the long rant!
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