1st weigh in!!!!

yummy mummy

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:D todays has been my first weigh in and god am i happy i cant believe i have lost a astonishing 12lbs in one week ss'ing and with the help of you peeps i have not eaten a chicken salad and had a soup instead so thank you so much, hope everyone else is doing good x x x
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whooppeee!!! HaPpY DaNcInG for you!!!!!!!!!!

thats a fantastic start and in another week you will be stone down already!!

really happy for you hon!!:)

Lou XX


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
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Well done yummy mummy that is fantastic... see what SS can do for you...

Congratulations, and keep up the good work



oh my god!!! thats fantastic..well done, you must be so pleased with yourself..:) is it the first time you have done this diet? how much do you want to lose? I am on DAY 4 .....


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Well done that's excellent!!!:) :clap:


Not dieting ATM!
Welldone YM

I knew you could do it! Fantastic result keep it up. It will be soooo worth it.

Dizzy x


Water Baby
Well done yummy mummy!! No need for the chicken salad you just keep it up honey.


yummy mummy

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thanks, well i tried to start it just before my 21st birthday then i fell ill so i couldntdo it didnt even managed to get 1shake down me but yeah this is the first proper time. ive got just over 2 stone to go but if i lose more that a bonus im gonna see hoe i feel when i get there, the last time i was at that weight was when i done SW got down to my perfect weight then fell pregnant, typical but im on the right track to get there again

yummy mummy

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this week has been so hard but i want it so bad so i know i can do it, im not ever hungry just want to eat. its my own faultfor not taking food seriously if i did i wouldnt be in this position now

yummy mummy

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god yeah, im all raring and ready to go forthe week ahead


a bit different everyday
well done yummy mummy thats a great start!
gives you a great push for next week!
nat xx


somebody shrink me
Oooh! 12lbs well done!!

I'm on day 4, if I can lose 12lbs this week I'll be very very happy indeed!!


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Hi Yummy Mummy,

Congratulations on your 12lbs. weight loss, this is brill motivation for the week ahead.:D

Well done:clap:

Love Mini xxx


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Well done YM :)