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1st WI @ class tonight


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Wish me luck guys!

Last week I joined class again as was finding going alone pretty hard after almost 12 mths.

I didnt really enjoy image therapy - I have been to the class before and didnt like it then but hoped a new leader might make all the difference. He is very good but some of the people are still the same and think they know it all about SW and talk non stop about themselves.

Anyway, I actually think I might have gained. My scales are showing a 2lb gain. Not good as I've been good all week. Would have liked a loss for my first week at class. We'll see....
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S: 11st7lb C: 10st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 1st7lb(13.04%)
Sorry to hear you had a gain :( I gained in my first week at class too, but have managed to lose or STS every week (apart from this week, which was entirely my responsibility).

Are you being too good (yes, there is such a thing)?! Make sure you're eating/drinking your syns every day (or if you save them up, over the week) and you're having your healthy extras - otherwise your body can go into starvation mode.

Don't know if you're on mostly red, green or EE days, but you might need to mix it up a bit - some people seem to do much better on one kind of day compared to others.

Good luck and don't give up!


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awwww thanks hun. Sounds pathetic I know but think I just need a bit of TLC at the moment. Having horrid time at home etc and my head is all over the place. No I dont think I'm being too good - having syns and everything. I dont know what is going wrong - I am trying but just not shifting the weight at the moment. I do green as i'm a veggie. Thanks for caring. xx


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You'll get there and you might find that you have a great weight loss next week. I would give it 4 weeks of really trying like you have been and it will pay off. Good luck. x
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Oh honey! :( I am so sorry that you had a gain. I STS in my 1st week and I was exactly the same as you, disheartened!
I would make sure that you have the variety... Red and Green, all HEX's etc

Good Luck for next week xx


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When your head is all over the place and you have issues going on the diet is always the first thing to suffer. Don't give up hun x


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I agree with Taz's comment about the diet being the first to go when you're heads elsewhere. Don't be too had on yourself and lean on us if you need picking up or cheering on each day.

Life has a nasty habbit of getting in the way of our good intentions!


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
If I had been put in a bubble from the start of my journey I would have hit target a couple of years ago. Life DOES get in the way and you just have to roll with it and deal with the affects after the storm has passed x

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