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1st wk completed on CD SS


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1st posting on the site........so here goes!

Ive just completed my 1st wk on CD SS and I lost 7lbs which im fairly plsd with its just when I look at other peoples 1st wk loss its more than mine and most of the time its a hell of a lot more than mine! Why is this? Im drinking my water and im in ketosis although only light to mid pink cant get it too dark dark pink!

Any suggestions greatly received! :sigh:

Thank you

Start weigh 240lbs!!!!! :eek:
End target 156lbs :sigh:
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Welcome to Minimins and Congratualtions on your first week off ss, The worst is over welcome to that happy palce called Ketosis and your weight loss journey.



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hey, 7lb is 7lb off!!! Be proud of yourself, dont knock it!!!!

The light pink is good, the darker it is the more dehydrated you're at!!! So you actually want to see light pink!

Well done with your loss, keep going!!
1/2 a stone in one week how long would it have taken on another diet? probably about 6 weeks!
It's a great start, keep it up, another 7 and that'll be your 1st stone!
Well done :)


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Minimins is a great place to be full of as support....

Please don't knock what you have lost 7lbs is a great loss!! people lose at different rates, offend the more you have to lose in the beginning the bigger loss in the first weeks (although not always), if your ketostix is dark than you may be dehydrated & the weight loss will be slower, as sunflowerbride said it needs to be light pink. Also as Sally pointed out how long would it have taken to loss 7lbs on a conventional diet?

7lbs is a great amount to loss in your first week be proud of it....

Keep posting, look forward to hearing you shrink...xxxx
7lbs is great, well done :D Just this morning I was comparing how long it took me to lose that much on other diets I've done and it's been 3 weeks or so!


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7lb is great - you shouldn't compare yourself to other people as our bodies and the rate we lose is all different. If you stick with it, drink your water you'll have done your first stone well before 4weeks!

I am a slow loser - 5lb is my normal 1st week loss and then 3lb or 4lb a week after that .........

Stick with it and good luck for next weeks loss!
Hi Sera,
7lb in week 1 is great.. dont feel disheartened..
We all lose at different rates, some have alot more to lose than others,

Good luck with the rest of your weightloss


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