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2.5stone gone and this time its for good

Hi everyone,

Just popped on to say hello. Decided to use this thread as a bit of a diary ... join in shout, scream, encourage and of course share.

I started CD almost 2 years ago and lost six stone, rather than work up through the stages I came off plan and did the wrong thing binge eating then ssing. I was happy enough on other eating plans keeping my weight stable and having a life.....ssing was so hard when the wine was calling to me :wave_cry:

However, I have been diagnosed with a degenerative uterine fibroid and need to loose weight before an operation in three months..... perfect timing as I have three stone to loose. I am not allowed caffeine, red meat, alcohol, and a bunch of other stuff as this makes symptoms worse so what better motivation to do CD? Anyway, this is all well and good but I know only too well how difficult this can be and how valuable the support here at minis is.... so will be relying on you guys to help me out and inspire me to stay on track.... gotta get the weight off so the surgeon doesn't have to wade through my belly fat to get this tumour out :D

Looking forward to getting to know you all and supporting each other on this journey to the skinny people we all want/need to be:)

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is going to loose!
Anne-Marie, I hope the operation goes well. Yes a good reason to loose weight but also it sounds quite serious. You are right with this motivation and no excuses you have not alot of choice but to loose.... weight that is!

I hope your day 1 went well.

Cheers Bren,

Its amazing normally at this point I am starving but not this time its all good

Just struggling with the water guzzling.... a bit like you but too much decaff coffee. Plan to be better today and bought some small bottles of water which I plan to have beside me.... perhaps this will stop me smoking as much as I did yesterday lol
Day three whoo hoo

Well in all the attempts to do SS since 2008 this is the first time I have made it to day 3! Whoo hoo

I am feeling unusual as I am not hungry and even had the energy for a short gym session.

The soups and shakes aren't even smelling or tasting of chemicals which I always noticed on previous restart attempts.

Feeling good.... long may it continue!
hey doll - ur doin brill :D:D:D

you are one very determined lady....and I know you will succeed !!!

Debz xx


is going to loose!
Hey Anne-Marie,

Well done hun on the SSing, when's the first WI??

First offical WI is the 22nd as CDC is on holidays. But I am trying so hard not to bounce on and off the scales before then hehe.
So its day 4 and I feel that I have been in front of the PC all day just to keep myself on track!:character00148:

I had my last meal at 10:30pm last night but was starving until about 2am. Woke up this morning ravenous, managed to put off first shake.

I had my first food related event today. As I sat down a bowl of peanuts, crisps and dips was sat in front of me and I managed to keep my hand out:happy036:
Feeling very proud I made my excuses and left just before the real food was served.... I know I missed out on Tiramisu but shouldn't have had any anyway cos of the caffeine and alcohol! So feeling quite virtuous. (Thank God I have been ill and managed to use that to get away).

Today is even the first day I have managed my water volume with ease:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

Well it was all going well, but this evening I just feel blah. I have been running to the bathroom and this is driving me nuts!:argh:

I know I shouldn't be grumbling. Its just I am not doing well in the house.... I need to go to the gym, unfortunately its a public holiday here today so its restricted hours and mayhem trying to get through the crowds to the gym or carpark.

I know it will get easier but I suppose being a returner I am just waiting for the headaches, bad breath and cold to set in.

The plus size is I don't want to eat - must be a miracle.... 4 days and food isn't bothering me. 1st time round I was starving :eat:

So here's hoping Monday has been good to you all, Thank you for keeping me occupied and raising my spirits.

Going to say good night although knowing me i'll be back on lurking, chatting and Arcading before the nite's out.


is going to loose!

you sound like you had a very successful day on CD with resisting and not being hungry! Are you still sick? hence the toilet or is that just all the water you have been drinking??

Hi Bren,

Think its a bit of both... the fibroid makes me want to urinate often and drinking excess water certainly doesn't help!

Feeling great so far today... should firmly be in ketosis now!
Day 5 almost done

So day 5 is almost over.... on all of my previous attempts to restart this is a first - WHOO HOO

Anyway, health wise I am almost back to my usual self, and wanting to socialise. Also been at the gym today, mowed the lawn and got loads of housework done. Its been the first productive day in months.... loving this feeling.

I am feeling full of energy and no having problems with the water consumption!

Its great to be back:D
So Day 6 ... almost a week and I can't believe it food isn't bothering me.

Went out shopping today and nipped into Sainsbury's with my mum and it didn't bother me at all. I'm definitely back in the zone whoo hoo.

Did start to feel the cold today but after getting out and about it was only my extremities that were cold which was a surprising change from what I remember feeling before.

Health wise, still in a bit of pain and am not going to the gym tonight, might jump on the wii for a bit later if I am feeling up to it. The only thing is I need to get back into a decent sleeping pattern!

Bren thanks for your continuing support.

To anyone reading good luck for your journey, I hope its as easy for you as mine has been for me so far!


is going to loose!
Hun you are totally welcome and straight back to you!

Great that food isn't bothering you. I purchased some Bullion drink which I forgot was my saviour the first time around. So anytime I feel hungry I have a cup of that. The cals are soooo low!

How come your sleep pattern is off??? Is it work related?

Nah not working at the moment... think it might be hormones. Thanks for tip of buillon... thinking when I got back to CDC to get water flavourings!

So far today I did 30mins in the gym and swam 10 lengths all before breakfast! Feeling great and size 12 is very comfortable! Bring on the 10's


is going to loose!
OH THAT'S GREAT! I think next week I might give SS a go with 4 packs. Gave it a go yesterday with 4 and milk allowance etc although still had a little nibbling. Today the same. I think when I am back at work next week and feeling better I can give it a good shot.

I'm just happy to be loosing! The bullion does help me alot.


Off to bed now as I'm not well and have to go on an excursion tomorrow.
OOOh I hate that feeling of a school trip and illness. I always found days out the most stressful but then again so much mileage for projects they do make up for it! Hope you are feeling better soon xxx ((Big Hugs)) Sounds like your head is in the game and you are ready to do the work to get back into ur lbd

Well thats the first week over only 11 more to go (I hope)!!! Obviously I am in the zone as feeling great although I didn't want to get out of bed and had really bad dog breath but once up and moving doing ok.
hey gorgeous - just popped by to say helloooooooo.....hope ur still goin strong !

speak soon.....


Debz xx
Hey Debz... Week one DONE!!!! Lol second weekend and looking good.

Didn't make it to the gym today but took the bike out.... only did one tiny uphill but 25mins not bad!

Have turned off my water boiler so I have to go to the gym to shower hehe

Debz Any news of you restarting? a date?

BREN.. try splitting the packs and then you won't have time to nibble between 8 packs and all that water lol

AM xx


is going to loose!
AM, thanks and will try that. We are off to the football today, 3hrs worth. I am taking a flask of hot bullion, will have a coffee there and my CD bar.

I've had my porridge for breakfast and will have a shake and dinner when i get home from the game. Might even take some celery sticks too.

Not going to join hubby and friends after for dinner as I'm still feeling fluy.

Well done on your first week the same for me and today is the second weekend.


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