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2 concerns,anyone the same??


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Hey guys,

I suffer from a lot of headrushes lately which get to a certain extend that i nearly fall backwards as soon as I get up. I forget everytime and just get up as usually when i bend down.

Then my second concern which shouldn't really be but i seem to to lose 4 lbs every week. Now don't get me wrong I am well chuffed with it but looking at everyones losses here they vary so much where's I am constantly 4 lbs!

Anyone any suggestions??


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Here we go again!
Hi Tridi. I also got about 4lbs each week and was really pleased with that. I had the odd week of 2lbs or 3lbs and then last week I got 5lbs loss. Don't know why it is but be pleased with 4lbs a week, some would love to get that every week.

I get the head rushes too especially if I stand up too quickly. I've got to take a deep breath and I seem OK again.


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Hey MIniB thanks for ur reply,

Oh yeah I am totally happy with 4 lbs, i am not complaining in the slightest I was just wondering as the weights vary and for me it's nearly 4 lbs since 7 weeks now.Ah but sure, it is great.

So headrushes are normal and fine? nothing to worry about so?


Here we go again!
I wouldn't say the head rushes are normal, cos not everyone gets them but they have been normal for me for the last 3 months or so. I just get up slowly and take deep breaths and they clear. It's only when I get up from my sofa at home and not from my chair at work though, strange huh?

I was chuffed with 4lbs a week too, no other diet I would have done that on, couldn't believe I was losing that much each and every week. Keep up the good work!


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Hi, I have been getting head rushes too, was worried that I was about to faint, but I just sit down and try to remember to get up slower next time. Well done on the losses:D


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Yes I get them quite a bit too - just one of those things I guess. It's funny but a few people seem to get consistant 4lb losses - I know Mary/kered did too!
Don't knock it (I know you're not ;))- I NEVER lost 4lbs - 3.8 was my max after the initial one and I had some LOUSY ones - never did anything different either - weird! x


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if you stand up too quickly your blood pressure can drop. usual advice is to get up slowly. if it occurs when you first get up in morning sit on edge of bed for a minute before getting up. hope that helps!


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Yep recently i have been having ALOT of head rushes - sometimes my vision goes for a few seconds but im guessing its a side affect of LT and seeing as i only have a couple weeks left i am not too worried about them.

Honey my lossess are consistent - always around 3.5/4lbs a week - its great it not only means you are losing over a stone in 4 weeks but you are above the average they set for women to lose. :) dont worry, 4lbs a week is fantastic!! :D
my losses were all over the place

the head rushes are fun though lol

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