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2 days of losing the plot

Hi All,

Unfortunately I'm one of the many women who crave chocolate when I havemy * week. I literally lost the plot Thursday and Friday this wk and am now really concerned. I weigh in Tuesday's and will go to the gym for 4 very vigorous work out but I'm wondering if I should just skip WI next Tuesday? That way I will have time to work really hard (with the plan and the gym) to right my wrongs? I've been a SW member since Jan 5th (6lbs loss to date), I do not have a huge amoung of weight to lose hence the weight creeping off. I really want to get over the half stone hurdle and really do not want to see a gain - please help??
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I was in that exact situation last week Victoria, had 3 days off plan didn't go mad just didn't count anything. I weigh at home so I posted on here to make myself weigh as not doing so can honestly turn into a slippery slope and I realised that. I got some great advice all saying weigh yourself because yes a gain is horrible and a real downer but you'll feel great the next week when you see a loss. How will you know if you lost the week you go if you don't go this week? Anyhoo I was lucky I STS and I'm sure if I hadn't weighed I may have gone down the wrong road after that. My advice is go, then put it behind you and start afresh.
Good luck xx


I am one of the 63336
Definitely go and get weighed. 2 days off plan isn't anywhere near the end of the world and if you have put on then just draw a line under it.

Not going can start a dangerous downward spiral. Your mind tells you that as you aren't going you have an extra day or two to be a 'little bit' naughty and before you know it you are totally out of the SW zone xx
Don't miss WI, I think the dread of a gain stops a lot of people, but weoght loss is a journey and there are ups and downs. Go to every WI, whatever kind of week you've had, and just keep on carrying on. Not going to WI won't change what's happened, you won't have not had a gain (if you have one) just because you don't face it.
My advice would be to go on Tuesday and whatever the result put it behind you and carry on with a clen sheet.
Thanks everyone, I will go to WI and face the music - Suppose I was just scared of a gain, will let you all know how it goes - Fingers crossed it not too depressing!! xx

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