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2 disasterous days - help


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Right......time for action. You are still in ketosis which is fab, but it will slow your weight loss down. So whats done is done. At least you didn't go out and eat a pizza or something really naughty. Dust yourself off and back onto the straight and narrow now hun. Good luck.


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aww hun i can't really say much i did it a few months ago n quit after 4 days, but i'm coming back on sunday for round 3 and this time i'm determined to do it,as shaz said hun brush yourself off then filck the devil off yr shoulder n listen to the angel and all the lovely ppl on here

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i cheated yesterday too, i ate chicken, just forget about it and start afresh chick

stay strong xx
i agree with Shaz whats done is done no point dwelling on it just dont do it again lol x
No dwelling as you'll just make yourself feel worse and it may well lead to more food. Think of it as a lesson learned - you don't want to feel this way again do you? Exactly :) Start again today hun and put the mistake behind you. Here's to no cheating and a fab WI!!
VickieL - yep thats exactly what i have been like. today i on the straight and narrow. 1 shake down, 1 litre down and the rest to go. weigh in on monday.... yikes! 2 weeks till hols double yikes! thanks all for support.


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At least you are back on here, looking for support, instead of having your head in a KFC megabucket.. LOL...
You have got yourself back on the train, just make sure that it doesn't invoke any more unscheduled 'food' stops..
Hark at me - full of it !!!

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