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2 instead of 3 shakes


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You'll have one shake left over lol.

it's not good for your health, you'll loose some of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function. Any reason why you don't want the 3rd? X

P.S skipping shakes doesn't make you loose anymore weight either
Bethuk's right.. it is not a good idea at all.

You should try and force it down before bed; your body needs it.
I didn't intend to I just started off late then was knackered n went to bed before having last one. My cdc gave me a bar to "try" shld I have that today as it has more cals in? Today Ian day three. Headache this morn :( thanks for advice girls x


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You can just go back to what you would do normally, if you fancy the bar try it but I don't think the extra calories will make much of a difference. The point of having the 3 products a day is to keep our body in the right state for weight loss but still maintaining your health :) Don't worry too much I had a really hard week last week (death in family) and I ended up missing 3 had a ticking off from my CDC for it mind!! but it resulted in only 3lbs weight loss! x


please try again
you might find you dont feel so good the next day too. i have times where ive missed packs when at hotel nhs and feel dizzy the next day, one trip i only managed one shake and the next day i had a migraine and was really wobbly on my feet, took me all day to get back to normal
Thanks girls, am on my second shake afbd will have ky third later. Had headache first thing but had ibuprofen and been fine since. Weighed again and lost 1lb so that's 5lb in 2 days. Half way thru my water allowAnce. Fill me in on all ur weight loses amounts length of time etc, I love hearing bout other successes :) x


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I didn't intend to I just started off late then was knackered n went to bed before having last one.
Ah, the joys of ketosis. If someone had told you before you started this diet that not only would you exist quite comfortably on 450 calories a day, but also, that occasionally, you might even forget to eat some of those calories - would you have believed them, LOL? Anyway - great advice given by everyone already. :)
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Hiya I'm new to this CD thing and on my 2nd week I'm meant ti be on 4 a day but I only have 3 cause I struggle to have the 4th one it's great in a way cause I thought I would be starving on this diet! Good thing I'm not cause I don't think I would be able to do it, my CDC said minimum is 3 products so u need to force the 3 one down try the bar x
I know its funny not bein hungry but worried bout when not in ketosis that ill be starvin again :/ have been longing for real food tho!! About 3 instead of 4 packets well I had 2 instead of 3 yday and pple said may not lose as much but I really don't know. Just c how u feel n if u can fit 4th in then try. X

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